Day 347-349 ~random~

Day 349 ~Suitcase~
Today I packed my suitcase with all the presents... sad.. so sad...

Day 348 ~Homework~
I finally finished one project at work... Sadly I still have some work to do and somehow my bosses expect me to work till Dec 21 XD but here i go about it once agin.. i am getting boring even to myself XD

Day 347~Thai~
Whne I arrived in the officein the morning I found out that my boss left for Thailand... Nobody really knew whether he had to go there for two weeks, but i think it is quite the time for him to ave his next vacation on business trip)))
I went to Jap class for the last time. I bougth some snacks to give out and I was mde to give out a speech... grrr.. I hate speeches...

@музыка: Pink - Try

2012-12-09 в 19:57 

Don't die until you're dead
так ты еще успеешь босса увидеть перед отъездом?
чемоданы - это всегда так сложно...особенно в таком случае...

2012-12-16 в 14:29 

так ты еще успеешь босса увидеть перед отъездом?
bossa uvighu zavtra i moghet eshche paru raz ... a 4to?

4emodany - eto ve4naja pe4al!


Neko no nikki