Day 345-346~Off~
Nice days of sleep, rest and shopping...
I am worried that I won't be able to fit everything in one suitcase... i might be in trouble after all..

Day 344 ~20 days left~
Another Monday! And I feel like I am sleepwalking or better to say sleepworking)))
I need to pull myself together)

Day 342-343 ~weekend~
Saturday I spent lazily in bed))), but Sunday was fun.
I spent almost the entire day wondering around stores in Tomioka, I have several orders from friends, and unfortunately I do not see how it is possible for me to find some of the stuff…
And in the eve I got to skype with many many people!
This time I got to see new members of my friends’ families. First was Momo. It is a beautiful hellcat –a sister of Simon’s cat for sure) but she is unbearably cute and huggable)))
Another was a baby boy of a neighbor… He was bold as all men in the prime of their youth and had huge eyes. Now I desperately want to buy him smth cute to wear! It is hard to believe that this girl who I knew pretty much my entire life has a baby… Till 30 I am planning on building up my career and her boy will start school!
I have hard time imagining myself being married and having kids…

Day 341 ~大丈夫かな?~
I went to the training to Shibuya. I was really worried cause at first I was not welcomed as the training was completely in Japanese and as I do not speak fluently they did not want me to hang around XD
I forgot to print out the map to the office and had a very wag memory of the location (I’ve been there only once in the beginning of February) so I got a bit lost at first, but a very nice guy helped me find my way. He was cleaning up the streets near one office building and I felt a bit bad when he left his stuff and walked me to the bosch building which was like 5 minutes away from his work place. I believe that speaking even a little bit of Japanese helps in such situations. It is not the first time when I am being walked to the destination when I am simply asking for directions. I guess some people have an extreme sense of responsibility.
Anyways the training itself was ok. I understood more than I expected. But the end of the training truly made me worry about bosch Japan…
Participants were divided into two groups and each group was given a task – basically a problem to solve. To do so we were given 30-40 minutes. I solved it in about 3-5 minutes and the remaining time I spent on explaining the solution and convincing that it is correct. The problem was really basic! But because there was no formulas written for the solution’s steps, Japanese were truly struggling… maybe they were not interested in the topic itself.. I do not know, but it made me wonder “ボッシュは大丈夫かな?”

Day 340~big spender~
I need to stop myself from spending lots of money on silly cute stuff… but when I see smth that can be classified as cute and silly and useful in rare occasions – I just cannot stop myself from buying it.

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