Day 331-339 ~The last month~

Day 339 ~日本語で書いた手紙~
I hate writing emails in Japanese.. takes too much time and i have to use keigo -it is not efficient for me at all, but it always impresses the receiver and i always receiev a positive reply back no matter what i ask XD
my "fiance" from a year agoo came for a visit from Germany. remember the guy whom i met on the first nomikai last december? that's the one. i was pleasantly surprised that he has changed))) and we had a nice chat.

Day 338 ~bib~
bib stands for “boss is back”. This morning he arrived in Tm in his brand new bright orange coat)

oh.. and BTW I have less than a month left in Japan… Just 26 days left)
maybe I should start the countdown)))
Another random thought – lately many people online (those who have nothing to do with asia) complain about Psy’s Gangnam Style. I am not a fan of Psy, but I think he has a unique style and did pretty amazing job on the video. And I am sorry if you find bieber 's music/singing/videos much better, but I would still rather do a silly horse dance than listen to bieber… in the end that is a matter of preference.

Day 337~ NY greeting~
Another busy day at work, but that’s not the point…
My first task when I started my internship a year ago was to prepare materials for regional president’s new year’s speech. At that time I had a very little idea what exactly I was doing, but nevertheless somehow I managed to do it and it was ok… So when we received a notification that in 2013 the New year’s speech is scheduled for Jan 17, I wrote an email to IM cause till next intern she will be preparing materials for AE division… Can you imagine my surprise when I received email from my manager (German one) asking my Japanese manager to set up meetings cause he wants me to prepare materials before I leave XD.
Just so you know.. officially my contract ends on Dec 14, but as on Dec 17 we have a big workshop I am still going to work, and maybe on Dec 18 to clean up and turn in all pc, keys etc. but if it continues like this I am afraid that I will stay the entire week at work considering yearend closing and stuff… (and I will not be paid for it anymore, but that is only one point!) Seems like even when I go back to Ukraine I will still receive emails from my managers asking me to prepare materials XD

Day 336 ~Sunday blues~
I got to skype with my amazing sister! She showed me around her apartment! It is a total mess XD but I love it.. and the good point she will let me stay sometimes at her place))

Day 335 ~Omiyage~
I went out to recharge my cell phone account and ended up spending much more on buying presents XD I seriously doubt that I have that many friends XD but anyways I think more or less I am done and what is left are food products – candys, chocos, ramen etc…
And I think I will spend quite a lot on that too… unfortunately my last salary was paid and I do not have much money left XD

Day 331-334 ~usual~
Quite the usual- work, work and work…

@музыка: Psy - Gangnam style XD

2012-11-28 в 17:02 

дьявол-это самый красивый мужчина в твоей жизни...
And I am sorry if you find bieber 's music/singing/videos much better
нуууу... кроме этих двоих есть еще много других исполнителей...
от этих же у меня рвотный рефлекс активизируется

2012-11-29 в 08:33 

永遠は 儚いだけど。。。
prosto do Psy vse rekordy bil Bieber i u naroda pritenzij ne bylo (hotja menja mal4ishka ghutko besit).. a vot Psy ne ustraivaet...

i kone4no est' mnogo drugih kogo slushjau/smotrju s bolshim udovolstviem, prosto nemnogo dostalo otnoshenie - eto zaza, a eto kaka...

2012-11-29 в 12:54 

дьявол-это самый красивый мужчина в твоей жизни...
как по мне, так оба кака :laugh:


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