Day 311-330 ~Autumn is here~

Day 330 ~C2 returns~
C2 came for a visit in TmP. I had a very nice talk with him.

Day 329 ~Argo f*k urself~
I had some weirdly nice dreams (I miss dreaming dreams so much. I wonder why in Japan I do not see dreams as often as I used to at home) so it is understandable that I overslept Japanese class XD
As it was windy and cloudy and rainy outside I stayed at home as it was the perfect weather to watch Twilight XD Honestly speaking I have no idea on what $120mio were spend in production of this movie.. but I have finished the twilight saga and can now openly say that I feel bad for Robert and Kristin for being stuck in these roles for so long. I think both of them (and mostly Robert has proven it with other movies) that they can do much better, but I guess it was a stepping stone for their future careers.
After finishing twilight I went to meet Tumbo4ka as he was so nice as to drive me to a shopping mall as I wanted to do some more omiyage shopping and he was planning on watching a movie. We got separated after the first shop XD And actually it was much better than having him hanging around saying “take your time” in a tone that makes me hurry up on one hand and on the other – makes me wanna hit him a bit too hard (evil I) so I called him to confirm what time we are meeting for dinner and movie and went on my shopping spree by myself. If I were to live in Japan and if I were too have more money I would have bought so much amazing stuff!
But I had to limit my urges a great deal. I love shopping for presents!!! I love choosing presents for people I care about. It gives me a great pleasure and if I am usually stingy about buying stuff for myself I do not mind spending a bit extra when it comes to dear to my heart people.
So once again I was in a good mood) so I let Tumbo4ka choose a place to have dinner. We ended up in sushi place, I was not very thrilled, but it could’ve been worse XD
I can say for sure that any illusion that I had for him are long long gone and I enjoy being friends, however even for “friends relationship” he surprises me sometimes. After the dinner he picked up the bill and said that it was his treat and naturally I have objected the idea. so to make him look good I let him pay inside the store (so that people could see that he is being a nice guy treating a gaijin), but stepping out the store I gave him back my share. I was not surprised that after declining it once humbly he actually took my money I knew that he would as he is far from being a gentleman even if he is trying to pull off such an act. I was surprised that after taking my money he actually counted it… I could only smile))) I know that there could be a possibility that he was worried that I have given him too much, but I knew that I have given more (cause I did not have the exact amount) and he did not notice it.
The deal is that I do not mind paying for myself. And as I do not like to owe people money/favors it comes naturally to me that going out for dinner with a friend I would pay for myself. But if a person says that he is treating me and then takes my money - the situation feels a bit laughable to me. If it were a girl I would understand, but I would expect a guy to have a more firm character about such things. Well, in the end it does not matter)))
One more point originally he was planning to watch a Japanese movie about Edo period. I said from the very beginning that I would not watch it and would go for another one. In the end he decided to watch movie of my choice –Argo.
It was not as bad as I have expected it to be. Ben Affleck did a more or less decent job. And as for me it was definitely better than Edo themed movie XD
I also found out that “Kyo koi ga hajimemasu” was made into movie with actors that I like so I really want to see it before I leave.
So for December I truly want to watch Hobbit, les Miserables and Kyou koi… everyone is being really excited about skyfall, but as I am not a fan I find myself a bit indifferent and would join but without any special delight.

Day 328 ~***Hunting~
It was a fun day despite being very dump, grey and rainy.
The bus tour was very nice indeed. At first we stopped by the winery and after a short sightseeing course we were able to enjoy tasting all kinds of wine without any record XD many people got drunk right away! I tasted about 10 different wines, but was trying not to overdo it cause I barely had any breakfast^^
Next stop was in the apple garden. There we could go apple hunting and eat as much as we wanted, however if you were thinking about bringing some home , you had to buy a special bag/net which you could fill with the apple you were picking from the trees directly. I decided it was fun (and apples were really good and cheaper than in supermarket) so I bought one bag/net and picked some apples. When I brought the basket back and a grandpa took it to pack for me I saw him struggling with pushing some more apples in my net. It was so sweet of him. I was trying to convince him that the ones I picked up I s enough, but he was no willing to give up. In the end he was not able to push those apples in the net (laws of physics have proven to be out there for reason) so he just gave me it in a separate bag. By this time it started raining quite heavily so we retreated to the dining hall for some bbq aka yakinikku. Actually we were able to finish our portion (even meat) cause we had enough apples and just food and drinks. After a filling lunch we went to the outlet mall in Karuizawa (considered to be a very fancy town to live in )
Here we actually got separated from each other, which I did not mind at all. I spent about 30 minutes in Tefal store… I know… I am crazy, but when I saw those awesome dark blue kitchen sets of frying pans and pots I could not resist the temptation to step into the store to have a closer look. In general I decided to avoid all bags/shoes stores cause it would have been too painful for me as I love cute bags and shoes , and in Japan those types are in every single store!
Instead I concentrated on possible souvenirs. And I must say that I have spend quite a lot there… But I hope that people whom I am bringing all that stuff will like it at least a little bit.
So after having a very tasty ice cream I returned to the bus in a good mood. The evening was relaxing.

Day 311-327 ~Autumn~
I can finally feel that autumn is coming. At first it felt like mid-September to me-mornings were refreshing, days were sunny, evenings – a bit windy and nights – slightly chilly. In the overall if dressed appropriately (T-shirt and a sweater for eve) I felt myself more than comfortable… In summer it was so hot and humid that even staying in aircon-ed room in nothing but underwear did not helped much.
And on Nov 1st I even took out the futon out, which truly means that autumn is here.
And two weeks into November I do feel that winter is coming closer. I guess it is time to take out my long sleeved PJs

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2012-11-20 в 00:12 

Don't die until you're dead
want to watch Hobbit so do we!!!!!!!!!
I can finally feel that autumn is coming про нас можно сказать....зима подкрадывается ))))))\
Tumbo4ka When did he become Tumbo4ka.....or i mistook him..... :hmm:

2012-11-28 в 16:31 

He has been Tumbo4ka from the very first day i met him caus e on that day he gave me "tumbo4ka" to store my stuff)))


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