Day 310 ~UPD~
Back at work… still not feeling well ( I think it is getting worth rather than better)

Day 308-9 ~Sick leave~
For two days I was not able to get out of bed…

Day 307 ~Walk in Tokyo~
Mornign hours I spent wondering around Asakusa, visiting Sky tree city. The waiting time to get inside was smth like 2 h, so I just skiped this elevator trip and headed to Ueno. I am not a fan of Sky tree.. everyone is trying to make it a new symbol of Tokyo, but for me Tokyo Tower will always be the only recognizable symbol.
Ueno was nice. I like the area a lot. Flowers on lily pond were all gone, but it was still pretty. Then I also had a walk in ameyoko street. And here I would like to talk a bit about Japanese service. In any store in Japan (either 100 yen or fancy boutigue) you are treated like a great master regardless whether you are wearing old jeans or designer clothes. In one of the stores a girl came up to me when I was looking at earrings. She did not expect me to speak Japanese and solemnly in Japanese she was explaining me about their products. And I enjoyed this talk – I did not get a feeling that I am being forced to buy anything like in our culture. I got the feeling that I am being listened too. I described what I would like, what type, what colors I like etc and the suggestions from the staff side was very accurate. I hate shopping –the agony of choice is one of the reasons for that- but while talking with that girl I spend about 40 minutes picking out earrings and hairpins and I must say I enjoyed it. The girl was really good, she was able to make me feel pretty –and that is quite a tough task for a sales person. So I would not mind shopping at that store more often if I get a chance.
After buying some stuff I headed for Kita senju where Bee’s event was supposed to take place.
There was a small parade with orchestra as we marched towards the riverside for the main event. On the way I got to talk with some Bee’s friends. For a while I was walking and talking to this nice guy. On the cross road we saw an old guy lying near the road and his bicycle nearby. Nice jap guys thought that oldman was dead, but it turned out that he was simply drunk XD but nevertheless they called ambulance and the three of us and the drunken were waiting for ambulance to arrive. I will take a moment and once again make a comment that I believe that it is much easier to go to the hospital on your own rather than wait for ambulance to come XD but Japanese were waiting. In the meantime the oldman woke up and continued drinking sake right on the ground. He was amused to see a foreigner standing around esp when guys teased him saying that I am not a foreigner but a Japanese. Old guy suggested that I look much like “a person from some country, some country like Bangladesh“ (which amused me), then he complemented on my looks, then confessed his eternal love and finally proposed XD While considering such a generous offer and having a few good laughs with guys we saw an ambulance approaching the scene (I checked the watch – 10 minutes have passed since the time we called), approaching , approaching and passing right by! We were waving at it, but as the car passed right by us, we thought that maybe it was heading to some other location. We waited for another 5 minutes. The oldman came back to his senses and we decided to leave it as it is. Fater another 5 minutes when we already left the scene, ambulance called us back XD the car that we saw indeed was the one that we requested, but driver was confused with directions, so he simply speeded away from us XD That was the end of the confession.
The main event was very interesting. All the colorful kites in the bright blue sky with the bells and other musical instruments tied to them. You can check the photos on facebook. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere) I stayed not to late as I was already feeling tired and feverish. So I excused myself with bee and headed to the final stop –Tokyo Tower.
I fell in love with it. I did not like Eiffel tower at all, but somehow Tokyo tower was much more impressive.
I stayed there as long as I could enjopying the night view of Tokyo and then hurried to bus stop. On the way back i started reading manga… a passenger nearby has finished two volumes while I was not even done with half of the first volume… kanji and fever is not the best combination for text comprehension XD… Anyways these two days were truly enjoyable for me!

Day 306 ~Ghibli~
The scheduled days off were nice.. at least the first two…
I came to Tokyo with the intent to complete 4 items on my to-do-in-Japan list. I was able to complete 3 and last one is rescheduled for my next visit).
The first one was Ghibli museum. I am a big fun of Ghibli studio anime, therefore I truly enjoyed this trip. First of all Mitaka – the area where museum is located is very family-friendly. There is a large park and with “Tokyo Green” initiative there were many additional sightseeing for me to do.
Museum itself was mysteriously magnificent. And their motto “let’s lose our way, together!” had the right feeling. Unfortunately you cannot take photos inside (and I think it is not about secrecy but rather time – if I could I would have stayed another hour there to take tons of photos!) but the interior design was very well thought of – windows with movie themed pictures, nice Victorian style chairs and cabinet, neko bus for the kids (no one above 5 years old is allowed T_T) etc etc. compared to some other places that i have been I did not regret paying 1000 JPY for a ticket!
In the eve I wanted to fulfill item #2 – Alice in wonderland restaurant visit, but because of all the Halloween parties, it was completely booked T_T so next time we (by “we” I mean a certain friend of mine) will book a table beforehand. Instead we went to a nice Thai restaurant.
After dinner I was convinced to start reading manga in Japanese to get used to kanji and so I bought my first manga book ever. Currently anime of same title is airing and so I thought it would be nice to follow it as I like the drawing style and “white and fluffy” storyline.
And then I crossed out another item form my list – stay in capsule hotel. I stayed in capsule hotel in Asakusa –it was relatively cheap, clean and nice –plus: I was the only girl on the entire floor. After taking ofuro on the rooftop and enjoying the view of asakusa and skytree and read manga for some time and went to sleep.

Day 303-305 ~bla-bla~
I really love it when there are not many people in the office. It is much more relaxing that way.

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