Day 296-302 ~ 9 weeks to go~

Day 302 ~Final countdown~
So here it is! From today I have 9 weeks left… 8 weeks at work…
I have lots to think about - what to do, where to go and how to finish my thesis…

Day 301 ~Tm matsuri~
There was a festival held in Tm on the weekend. I truly enjoyed that festive mood esp. as I got to study Tm demographics a bit better – elderly and small kids XD
People getting together to sing, drink, dance, drink , have fun and drink some more)))

Day 300 ~3rd hundred~
Hard to believe how fast time flies by. It has already been 300 days as I am in Japan. The longer I stay here the more I think about whether I truly would want to stay in here longer.
I have lots to think about...

Day 299 ~Friday off~
The only thought in my mind - get home and relax…

Day 298 ~Friends~
In the meeting from 9 am till 2-30 pm… with only 30 minutes lunch break…
And the rest of the day lazily nothing much to do till eve, when another email about BE PDCA came…
I finally reached the point where I am ok with re-watching all 10 seasons of Friends. So-so-so weird… but it’s gonna be cool watching how actors got older, how fashion changed and technology…
So far I am enjoying looking at the funny oversized clothes and suites, overalls and huge hairstyles and old dos computers with floppy discs, mobile phones, size of a shoe etc.

Day 297 ~Over the Rainbow~
One day I am watching about serial killers and next day – a fluffy talent show where girls are competing to be cast as Dorothy in Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber “wizard of Oz” production. Somehow I like Canadian version better (though I have not finished the British)
I am not going to Shibuya after all ((((
Positive: I do not have to get up at 4 am to be in the office on time.
Negative: I am not gonna get to see other interns and simply get out of town XD
Today I have finished the fifth day of walking and got present from Bosch… but what surprised me was the following situation.
Lady in the store is really nice- we usually have some silly chats together. Today as part of the present she told me to take two bottles of juice of my choice and so I did (120 yen worth). And on my way out I heard her asking the next lady who was also picking out her juice “if possible” to take a 100 yen juice/drink. I was wondering why she never asked me to do so. Do they think it would be rude of them, or they do not believe that I would agree to it or why this weird sense of hospitality always sets some kind of walls between foreigners and Japanese. I could have chosen tea for 100 yen and would have been equally happy. I could have paid the difference (I was buying energy drink anyway) but this topic was never brought up. I feel sad about it…

Day 296 ~Evil, I~
So here I come from fiction to documentary…
“Evil, I” 12episode TV series about serial killers. Those stories took place mostly in 70s or 80s (early 90s tops). I guess police can not disclose any details of recent cases while killers are still alive in jail or other reason, but in the most cases killers were sentenced to death or died while in prison.
Am I not being nice? XD

2012-10-22 в 22:39 

Don't die until you're dead
I have lots to think about - what to do, where to go and how to finish my thesis Постарайся!!!!!!
Am I not being nice периодически меня тоже тянет на такое....даже не знаю как это себе объяснить :hmm:
fast time flies by действительно быстро...мне казалось ты только 100 дней отмечала, а тут уже 300...


2012-10-23 в 15:15 

永遠は 儚いだけど。。。
даже не знаю как это себе объяснить
меня это даже уже и не удивляет)

и не говори) еще 2 месяца и домой)

2012-10-23 в 21:15 

Don't die until you're dead
еще 2 месяца и домой) ждем-ждем-ждем))))))))))))))))))))

2012-10-30 в 14:39 

и я тоже жду)


Neko no nikki