Day 291-295~

Day 295 ~Monday, again~

Like many other people I am not fond of Mondays. I have never took a notice of it in Europe, but in Japan and USA calendars start with Sunday. I still find it weird, because for me the week starts with Monday and then in the end you have weekends=2 days off. But if you start you week with a day off (Sunday) it makes even more difficult to get in shape on Monday. And then you have a feeling that after Friday there is only one day you have to rest - Saturday. I do not like it. No matter how tiring Mondays are , I still prefer our traditional Mon-Fri work week and 2 days weekend calendar!

And do you know why I am writing all this down? Because there are some slight troubles at work (storm is ahead) and I'd rather have a silly chit-chats than face the reality)

Have a great start of the week!

Day 294 ~ Gloomy Sunday~

"Gloomy is Sunday,
With Shadows I spend it all"

Day 293 ~Fukushima trip~

By 6 am I left home to get on time to the bus leaving for a tour to Fukushima.
I stopped by conbini to get some breakfast and hot coffee).

On the bus were mostly Philipine girls, Indonesian guys and me from foreigners XD and some Japanese people.

4 hours drive to get to Fukushima for the concert.

At first of course I got a chance to get a look at all omiyage and buy some. I was tasting sake quite a lot and I bought some for my dad and mom. For dad more traditional 3 types set and for mom a more sweet peach based sake. The peach one is called "momo no namida" = "tears of peach" it was soo sweet)

So after tasting sake , wine (I bought a nice bottle of cherry sparkle aka champagne) and some sweets and fruits the concert finally started.

People from various regions came to support Fukushima and I truly enjoyed the mood. The matsuri spirit from the beginning to the very end! And there was this one cute guy who was playing on some kind of traditional panpipe.. I like the way he was dressed - simple black jeans and shirt with a sweater and a bright turquoise scarf: loved it!

But what impressed me the most, when we were leaving the concert hall all the participants lined up to bid us farewell. It was so sweet).

After that we drove to a different location where the gyoza festival was held.

Gyoza.. lots of gyoza!!! Lots and lots of gyoza.. and what was not as nice - lots of people. I had to stand for about 40 minute s in line to get some gyoza. But as we agreed to buy more and then exchange I got to eat lots of various kind tasty gyoza)

And then after another 4 hours of drive we were finally back in Tomioka.

Day 292 ~Friday night out~

My German boss's family left for Germany for 2 weeks so he decided to take a week off and go to mountains XD logical I know! So it means that for the upcoming meetings I will be preparing data on my own) One thing he did well - he agreed my trip to Shibuya on Oct 18th^^ There will be very important meeting with all big bosses and (I guess) me XD

Many of you know that status is very important in Japan. And I have heard before that me attending meeting with all managers is weird, when I was given a chance to present report at such a meeting it was even a bigger surprise. so now I can only imagine what people think about me going to Bosch Japan headquarters for all divisions business plan presentation XD But before the meeting I need to update two presentations!!!
In the eve we went for a farewell party for SJ. He is being transferred to Gasoline systems as of Nov 1st. Actually for me it was a bit tiring. This time there was no place for legs under the tiny table on the floor: I am not a big fan of seiza... After all I decided not to drink. I am still taking sleeping pills and next morning I had to get up extra early. But it was fun to watch others get drunk and talk nonsense.
Lately I noticed that the more people are present the less desire I have to speak Japanese. It is embarrassing enough to make mistakes in front of one person and the entire group staring at you:no way:

Day 291 ~GM3~

GM3 -> gross margin 3 = total net sales over variable costs; indicates the coverage for fixed costs and profit.
Do you know why I am telling you all of it?
Because my task was to analyze about 10 business units (basically separate divisions) in regards to fluctuations of their GM3: for several years: including all special impacts: including all structural changes: etc:

I am sorry: I like controlling: it is really interesting and challenging. But to do it all in 2 hours XD
It is just mission impossible! The more fun it is I guess. In this cases I think that I have some great colleagues (no matter how much I complain about some people, others are truly amazing!)

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Don't die until you're dead
Надеюсь, что неделя все же не будет очень страшной))) держись))))

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segodnya pyatniza!!!

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Don't die until you're dead
Neko4eien,прорвались ))))))


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