Day 281-290 ~first 1/3 of October~

Day 290 ~Back to the basis~
I am almost back to my usual working schedule. At least I would like to make it so from today on)
left office afer 7pm)))
Saori! Have not seen your face since last december! My regards to Jane!

Day 289 ~Day X2 – GS presentation~
Well, presentation did not go well, not even nearly as planned… we have many tasks to complete within this week.
And I am back to diary life.
I know that here I post about 1/3 of what I am actually writing, but I still think it makes sense as later on I will be able to understand what was important and what not to me at the very moment.

Day 286-288 ~Prolonged weekend~
Finally some sleep…
Three perfect days of doing nothing but sleeping! Almost paradise!

Day 281-285 ~ Week before BP~
New week for the GS business plan presentation… let’s have a short review of the time I was living office
8am -10pm => I do not like GS… AE was better
8am -11 pm => German boss twisted his neck and had to take day off…
8am-11pm => another meaningless day of my life
8am – 2-30am => my personal record.. it is even more than double shift!!!
8am – 1-30am => in the eve we were all tired and while fooling around boss let me click “send” and send out our presentation.. then they were all gone while I had to stay behind to sort out messed up presentation from Thailand division. -_-

beginning of OCTOBER

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2012-10-11 в 02:03 

Don't die until you're dead
Поздравляю с завершением презентаций! Надеюсь теперь твоя работа не будет такой изнурительной. :buddy:

2012-10-11 в 03:23 

永遠は 儚いだけど。。。
теперь осталось подогнать хвосты с презентациями для отчетности , а там и правда будет легче...
на работе мне осталоь 9 недель и 7,5 официальных выходных (и еще по сути минимум дня 3 за переработку)
так что уже с понедельника я могу устроить себе 4х дневную рабочую неделю :-D
но вот думаю подумаю куда бы поехать а там и скопом возьму выходные):ura:


Neko no nikki