Day 279 – 280 ~weekend dejavu~
I spend my weekends sleeping most of the time) Nice ending for September

Day 277-278 ~ Mr President ~
I hate sitting and waiting.. that is just not my character!
I found out that regional president of the Gasoline systems is surprisingly nice and humanly !
He seems like a nice guy all of a sudden.
First of all he did asked for more details and was the first one to submit materials without reminders (which is rare for managers!!!). And when I was simply polite to reply and thank him for ppt, he also send me a reply) wishing me a nice weekend and asking to take care with the big typhoon coming up – isn’t it sweet? For a regional president who receives tons of emails everyday to take a moment a write back to an intern. I find it extremely Japanese sweet like)

Day 276 ~Bokura ga ita~
Another tiring trip to Yh…
But on the way back I got hit on by this tiny cutie jap guy… it was hilarious, but I do not mind fooling around just a bit~
Once back I watched “Bokura ga ita”
I loved it. It was sunny and sweet. And I want to watch second movie in cinema next year in April in Japan! That’s my selfish wishful thinking!

Day 275 ~Day X –AE presentation~
All night I had a feeling that there is an email from my boss about another update that I need to make XD. It was suffocating…
Presentation was ok on the overall. One mistake on my behalf (not really mistake, but a bad representation)
I hope I will do better with GS.

Day 274 ~change~
There was some mess up with the very original database and we had to update everything!!! Everything!!!
Direct boss was truly pissed off… I think we became a bit closer but I am not sure that it is a good thing… as usual it might bite me back in the ass…

Day 272-273 ~usual routine~
The usual routine for weekend – wake up way past noon. Watch some TV shows that were pending on my list. Chatted with mom and back to sleep…
And also I got myself a silly blue polka dot umbrella at 100 yen shop... it is very silly and I like it)

Day 267-271 ~Fighto~
The following are the working hours during week:
8am-11pm => I wonder how is it that I can fall asleep at 2 am and wake up at 7 and still be ok…
8-30am - 11-20pm => am I enjoying this crazy schedule a bit too much!
8 am – 12pm => in the meetings from 8-30!!!
8-30am - 11-30pm => Nao-san promised to write me a new year’s card every year and comment about headcount status and sales development)
8am – 1-30 am => presentation submitted

Day 266 ~My babies have a cousin~
I got to chat with Dasha))) she bought herself a laptop – cute one))) and she looks happy as a child. Finally smth nice in her life)

Day 265 ~99 to go~
After today it is 99 days to go.
I have some grand plans for these 99 days, indeed I do)

Day 264 ~100~
Borel-san drove me to Yh-> so sweet of him... but instead of sleeping on the train/bus I had another 3 hours of discussion about BP XD
I was too tired and could not bear the thought of staying in the city at other people’s place, so I left office a bit earlier to do a little bit of exercise – walking 2 km to the station and then got on the bus and slept all the way. At home I watched hanakimi (as usual it is starting to get boring, so I am glad that there are only 6 episodes left) posted my 100 days status on facebook and went to bed.

Day 262-263 ~ BP reviews~
BP13 ppt first reviews… so long and tiring… we can end the discussion at 8pm and then bosses would go home and I would stay behind to implement all the changes that were discussed, only to find out the next day that I need to change materials once again…

Day 261 ~Good bye summer’s thrills~
In the morning I walked with KY akaTumbo4ka to work… it’s been a while since we had a normal conversation about nothing in particular. I am surprised but thinking about it I never actually thought that he is a bad guy (of course I still believe that he has too many bugs in his head), but on the overall he is nice guy, so I wish him all the best in his future endeavors (classy reply). I hope that some other German intern girl would be much nicer to him and he would be finally able to find his German girl with Japanese temper (which is highly unrealistic XD).
This was the last week of my favorite chilled noodles.. Lately I have been eating a lot of soba and chukka. But this is the last week of summer menu.. somewhat sad.

Day 260 ~Dark Shadows~
Watched Dark Shadows with Johnny – Johnny is marvelous as usual, movie -…
Tim Burton is a diagnosis as we say…
not my favorite movie of his… but at least I have finished watching it…

Day 258-259 ~security issues~
Leopalace people came to install security… so now I have more weird boxes on my walls.. they set up several security signals on the window, on the entrance door and on the toilet door O_o this one I do not get at all…. why toilet? Who can possible and how enter my apartment through toilet??? Mystery to me

Day 257 ~Initial contact~
I had the initial contact with very rare Japanese creature – b*h-girl. I think it is quite rare in the office –at least first one for me.
I got pissed by logistics girl (“baba-mughyk” type) as she was once again complaining about me… I find it quite irritating that she goes behind my back, but oh well..whatever…
I took some time to write a nice ling email in Japanese explaining her some tasks (and I as I doubt she can read between the lines I basically spelled it out for her – “do not mess with me!”)

Remaining days of SEPTEMBER

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