Day 213 -256 ~Long way...~ Part I

I have been gone from quite a while, but I have kept my record.... IN order not to sound too pitiful or whatever I will skip most of the stuff and will only tell some funny stories (or my thought that I feel will not cause people call 911 for me))) from this 2+month period.

As of today I will end it here for right now, afterall I were supposed to be home on Sep 5th latest.. and now I staying till end December...
Tomorrow I will update the rest (at least i am planning on doing so)

Day 256 ~Alternative~
I could have been at home already!.. Now I keep wondering whether it makes sense for me to stay here for these extra 3 month. I am tired. Somehow I need to survive next 4 weeks of Business plan preparation. Right now I am not even sure that I can but I will definitely try.

Day 255 ~Real nightmares~
I had sa real nightmare!!! It was about me getting married.
It was my wedding day and everyone was so happy for me and congratulating me and I was wondering around and thinking whether I am doing the right thing. I met my groom and he seemed like a nice person, but to tell the truth I was scared like hell! And I think in the end I did cancel the wedding and ran away.
Good thing – I really liked my dress))) Bad thing- I was really afraid of getting married, of making a commitment for the entire life.
On my way back from work I got almost hit by the car and it was totally not my fault! The car was speeding up and did not stop and the crossroad – I was already half way across the street when I noticed it – I am happy that I was not listening to the music, cause otherwise I would’ve been in the hospital right now… the car saw me but even did not care to slow down a bit.. and then it hit me – it is the last day of my insurance coverage – I need to be extra careful from now on...

Day 254 ~ha?~
those who have worked with japanese in business field would agree - sometime you get this urge to hug a certain japanese guy/girl till he/she stops breathing in your arms O_O...
note to myslef - stop watching serial killers series!!!

Day 253 ~111 to go~
just thought that 111 days left in japan looks nice on calendar)

Day 252 ~Keep your word~
I watched the tv show that my sister advised me to watch… it is simple and clear
We do what we think is important and we don’t if we do not consider it being important. And our wishes and obligations have nothing to do with it…
If u simplify everything like that it really makes sense but in real life I think it is way much more complicated XD

Day 251 ~Nghtmare~
My first serial killer nightmare – I do not think it was even a nightmare, just a weird dream XD I guess I should stop watching some weird bloody movies for a while, but that's what my mood is like lately)

beginning ofSEPTEMBER

Day 250 ~last day of last days~
Last day of summer
Last day of my first contract
Last day of me being this way…which i still doubt

Day 244- 249 ~One liners~
I wonder why do I find some sick serial killers series so interesting... there must be smth wrong with me!..
If I were not stubborn I could have been packing my stuff by now. but as I am stubborn I am staying extra time here...
I wonder whether I am being quite unreasonable most of the time…
My department is still not looking for my replacement... am i "irreplacable?"
I like pressure therefore i postpone some assignments...not good...
I feel bad towards many people, but the worst case is with my sister...

Day 243 ~Independence day!~
Happy Independence day!
In the eve we (BM and SJ) went to have some okonomiyaki and yakisoba. And SJ treated me and BM to ice cream) so sweet of him.
nice celebration i think)

Day 242 ~2/3~
Just as it says.. 2/3 of my stay in Japan XD

Day 240-241~hot shots~
Getting ready for a visit from some big bosses from Germany..

Day 239 ~Overslept O_o~
This is the first time that I overslept since I came to Japan. I can not say that I am used to oversleeping in ua but sometimes it happens. And this time I was truly surprised. My alarm woke me up at 7:15 and I thought of being lazy for some 15 minutes (till next alarm), but the next time I opened my eyes it was 9:22! O_O
By 9:40 I was already climbing the last stairs to the office. So it took me 18 minutes to wash up (not washing hair though), get dressed and speed up on the bike to the office

Day 229-23 ~ Obon~
The entire week i spent in Tomioka... sleeping, wathing movies, writing bits of thesis...
it was the first week of korean HanaKimi^^

Day 226-228 ~~~

Day 225 ~Atlantis II~
I feel disappointed. Suddenly I felt like watching Atlantis II. I remember that I loved the first movie (ok, I was 11 at that time), but still it was really nice one. But the second one was just ugly – low quality and boring plot… seemed like made for TV episodes, but it was a movie… I just don’t get it…

Day 223-224 ~quiet weekend~
weekend was quiet...

Day 222 ~ticket ot the moonua~
Long time ago I was planning to stay in Tokyo for the entire weekend and enjoy it to the fullest… but somehow I lost the mood for it. Lately I do not feel like doing anything that requires going somewhere and being around people.
In the morning I was supposed to go back to Tm. But I overslept. And then I spend over an hour chatting with Lena about all the scary stuff that is going on in the world.
Then I went to Aeroflot and fixed my return flight ticket for 4000 JPY and 10 minutes) I am going back on Dec 23. Right now I feel that I should have been going back sooner, but I do believe that Bee will get married only once, so I feel like I should be there as I am already invited (more like I have forced her to invite me)))

Day 221 ~answer to ???~
Scary Japanese salary man…
One email came at 00:40 and the reply was at 7:03….
Do these people even have home? after BP I have been in their shoes.. but a bit later about that
Met some intern girls… well.. just talked a bit… they are leaving in one month.. and I am still staying… I am staying much longer than regular interns… but I am sure that once I go back nobody will even notice as I am always staying far away.. I wonder that only CM was here for me and actually cared…


Day 217 - 219 ~???~
during these days I was wondering how Japanese companies survive with all the incompetant workers XD
or simply "what the f*ck are those people are getting paid for?"

Day 216 ~Circus~
Circus was very interesting! I do not like animals shows, cause I always feel bad for poor animals.. this time there was this huge Beethoven dog who was hardly able to move, poor kitties that had to jump from high places, elephants, that had to lift people up… but I did like some gymnastics parts.
After the circus show Bee and I headed for her uni. We visited an interesting exhibition. Girl recorded the memories of old people and impressions of current students about university building and we were able to go around campus and to listen to it. It was a bit messed up, cause not all the time we were able to get where to look or so, but the idea was really nice.
Afterwards we headed to have some lunch (with couple of drinks). And then it was bonodori time.
Those grandmas were dancing for 2 hours without any rest !!! Way to go , grandmas!!! and then i also so a very cute little boy dancing around his grandpa))) it was such a warm homely picture)
afterwards Bee and I visited public bath... LOL... no comment on that one) public bath is no an onsen, but still fun)
we ended our day at home with couple of beers and bento from one of the grandmas)

Day215 ~unagi day~
Today at least I did one good deed – donated blood.
One colleague helped me with the translation of all the forms and questions and I was able to donate. Interesting is that if a person have been to UK or some other EU countries they won’t be able to donate in Japan, but I think people here have very little knowledge about ua, therefore they think it is ok for Ukrainians to donate.
This was the last day for C2 in the office. During lunch he treated us to some ice-cream. Must admit that I might even miss the guy)
NY was telling that it was unagi day. And truly, when I came to the supermarket there were sales for unagi.. lots and lots of unagi… I am not that big of a fan, so I had some little unagi sushi and anyways we were going out for dinner before heading off to Tokyo. BM, SJ, KY and I went to the chukka restaurant that we used to go before, but as it has moved to a new location it was still a new feeling. We got a very nice discount and even some flash lights as presents)))

Day 214 ~just forget~
I have sleeping disorder.. so this time I decided to start taking some medicine. I thought I have brought valerian with me, but apparently not. however I have some other light sedative drug which is supposed to help me fall asleep. Last night I took two (instead of one – I have this problem… I always take more medicine than I should in order for it to work faster XD)
I do not know whether it really helped me, or I simply convinced myself that it has to help… but I fell asleep after midnight (which is already good progress as usually I am not able to sleep till around 2 am)

Day 213 ~breakdown~
In the evening I went to Softbank store to charge some money on the account. On my way there one car pulled over and one guy came out waving at me and screaming smth. When I stopped and pulled out headphones it turned out that simply wanted to chat XD His name is smth like Irai, he is form Dominican republic and works in Tomioka/Takasaki. He is a cook) and works for Turkish restaurant. SO next time I am in Takasaki he wants to cook for me XD he said that he saw me several times at supermarket or bank and he felt bad cause I did not pay him any attention XD he looks really gay! I wish he was this Latino macho style, but he truly looks too gay)

rest of JULY

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