Day 213 -256 ~Long way...~ Part I

I have been gone from quite a while, but I have kept my record.... IN order not to sound too pitiful or whatever I will skip most of the stuff and will only tell some funny stories (or my thought that I feel will not cause people call 911 for me))) from this 2+month period.

As of today I will end it here for right now, afterall I were supposed to be home on Sep 5th latest.. and now I staying till end December...
Tomorrow I will update the rest (at least i am planning on doing so)

Day 256 ~Alternative~

Day 255 ~Real nightmares~

Day 254 ~ha?~

Day 253 ~111 to go~

Day 252 ~Keep your word~

Day 251 ~Nghtmare~

beginning ofSEPTEMBER

Day 250 ~last day of last days~

Day 244- 249 ~One liners~

Day 243 ~Independence day!~

Day 242 ~2/3~

Day 240-241~hot shots~

Day 239 ~Overslept O_o~

Day 229-238 ~ Obon~

Day 226-228 ~~~

Day 225 ~Atlantis II~

Day 223-224 ~quiet weekend~

Day 222 ~ticket ot the moonua~

Day 221 ~omo~

Day 217 - 219 ~???~

Day 216 ~Circus~

Day215 ~unagi day~

Day 214 ~just forget~

Day 213 ~breakdown~

rest of JULY

@музыка: Adelle - Skyfall

2012-10-10 в 00:13 

Don't die until you're dead

2012-10-10 в 15:01 

永遠は 儚いだけど。。。
мои читатели стль же многословны как и я!


Neko no nikki