I have troubles rebooking my flight, but does it really matter when some people have it much worse…

А слова барменші Наталії Коваль про те, що Оксана пішла в ту фатальну ніч з бару з Краснощоком, а до того - погодилася на інтим відразу з декількома чоловіками, спростував її власний чоловік, який також працює офіціантом «Рибці». «Думаю, вона просто образилася на Оксану - вона їй не виставила сухарики, а Макар, йдучи з бару, показала їй фак», - вважає Катеринчук.

I do not really follow what is going on in Ukraine, but when I first heard news about this case I was shocked like the rest of Ukraine.
Last time when I read witness report of Koval I was wondering how much of the actual truth she was saying.
I know that some girls are quite easy-going, or even just easy. I can believe that girl can even have sex with several guys pretty much at the same time willingly. I can even imagine that a girl can try to blackmail guys for fake rape. BUT! It does not give the right to suffocate this girl, bring her to dumpster and set her on fire!
That time when Koval’s statement was describing the deceased as pretty much a whore and in the same time the offenders as white and fluffy. I thought smth was way off. Could she being threatened? Or bribed? But being mad at the poor girl? Seriously??? Are you even sane??? Woman, if those guys get out they might hurt somebody again and be sure that they can get away with anything... there is no way you settle your issue with the girl by testifying in murderers’ favor. I just do not see how!!!

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