Day 205 ~TOEIC~

I have received my TOEIC score. I was surprised to see that I got the perfect score! 990 out of 990. I was aiming for 950 (and secretly hoping for 970-980), but I got perfect golden score!
Of course I have made mistakes, but as scoring is based on total percentage (I guess it is - no clue about actual scoring process) I was able to reach the top!
I know that TOEIC is actually a lame English test that nobody outside Japan cares about, but it still feels good)))

In the eve we went to C2's farewell party.As usual drinking and eating. I think only me and my German boss wanted to go out for he second party XD so we had to go back home -_- Japanese in countryside are just no fun as drinking buddies.

I need to find some courage to apologize...

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