I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t fall asleep till 6 am, so therefore I had some hard time getting up at 7. At least I could go to work later than the required working schedule. I don’t remember that morning; probably I was still sleepy and nervous about meeting new people. It took me about 10 minutes by walk to get to the plant. First thing in the morning was a meeting with hr - SJ (it is very interesting, how outside work people can call each other by first name, but inside the company mostly by last names) He explained some rules, I’ve signed some confidentially notes etc. When explaining the housing rules I was pleasantly surprised. There is a rule that I can not let anyone stay even one night in the apartment. SJ (because it is an unofficial statement) said smth like:” Ok, I am not making any comment on this one… alright, next one!” XD At least he is reasonable enough to understand that various situation might happen. However I guess the only rule that I really need to follow is that I can not get any part-time job (especially teaching English, Russian etc), but that’s fine with me. It’s not like I even have time to be giving out lessons anyways. After going over all documents I was taken to the department. People would greet me quite friendly so I felt relieved. However boss was still missing. I was shown the premises.

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