I enjoy living a life of a cat!


Day 347-349 ~random~


Day 331-339 ~The last month~


Day 311-330 ~Autumn is here~


Day 296-302 ~ 9 weeks to go~


Day 291-295~


Day 281-290 ~first 1/3 of October~


Day 213 -256 ~Long way...~ Part I

I have been gone from quite a while, but I have kept my record.... IN order not to sound too pitiful or whatever I will skip most of the stuff and will only tell some funny stories (or my thought that I feel will not cause people call 911 for me))) from this 2+month period.

As of today I will end it here for right now, afterall I were supposed to be home on Sep 5th latest.. and now I staying till end December...
Tomorrow I will update the rest (at least i am planning on doing so)

Day 256 ~Alternative~

Day 255 ~Real nightmares~

Day 254 ~ha?~

Day 253 ~111 to go~

Day 252 ~Keep your word~

Day 251 ~Nghtmare~

beginning ofSEPTEMBER

Day 250 ~last day of last days~

Day 244- 249 ~One liners~

Day 243 ~Independence day!~

Day 242 ~2/3~

Day 240-241~hot shots~

Day 239 ~Overslept O_o~

Day 229-238 ~ Obon~

Day 226-228 ~~~

Day 225 ~Atlantis II~

Day 223-224 ~quiet weekend~

Day 222 ~ticket ot the moonua~

Day 221 ~omo~

Day 217 - 219 ~???~

Day 216 ~Circus~

Day215 ~unagi day~

Day 214 ~just forget~

Day 213 ~breakdown~

rest of JULY

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Day 198 ~Araso~

Today I learnt some new Japanese words like “araso”, “arafo” and “arafi”.
And as many weird jap words it is a shorted abbreviated version of English expression indicating ages! Around thirty, forty and fifty)))
Guys around table discussed that they all are “araso” and as IM turns 25 next month she is gonna join them in the araso category.
And I was looking at these barely mature guys and wondering why they give age so much importance when they act like 3 year old kids at times…
For example.. when they first came to Tomioka they agreed to wear pink shirts on Thursday and since last year green ones on Tuesdays… and so they do most of the time !!! that is cute and silly.. mostly silly and maybe childishly cute, but the key word would be childishly..
They think that I am all that naïve but I’ve been through things that cannot even think of, so…
Dakara wakaranai!!!
Nihonjin no koto wakaranai!


Day 197 ~back to basics~

After talking to my family I came up with only one conclusion – my parents gave up on me… they no longer force me to come back home asap. They do not care when I am coming back and how much longer I am to stay in Japan. I wonder whether it is a good thing or bad…


Day 186 ~bucket list~

I decided to make some kind of Japan bucket list -things that I have to do before I go back to Ukraine.
Let me know if you have any good ideas)

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Day 196 ~Running away~

As you can see, I took quite some time to do a slight update of diary... and that is the escape from the harsh reality - i need to work on my thesis T_T

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Day 184 ~6 month~

Happy 6 month anniversary to me...

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Day 156 ~planning~

do you know why I prefer to be a cat?
cause cats can get by themselves just fine...
I hate to organize smth especially when people are so indecisive and awfully polite in the same way. they do not want to say "no" therefore they are not saying anything and just sit there and keep quiet... annoying!
therefore I asked one last time and quiet directly whether they are in or out...
I'll give them some time and then just gonna go on my own XD
cat is still a cat) and nothing beats being a cat!

I do like the song a long!
And there is no way that I do not watch live action of one of my favourite mangas ever)))

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Day 171 ~Off I go~

Today was really busy-busy day at work...
suddenly everyone needs me and wants to talk to me etc)

I have packed in 30 minutes only)))

my bus to Kyoto leaves at 23:59 XD

I still have some time to lazily look around)

In the end I decided to take my baby Junior with me)))
they have some pc at hostel, but with my own i would be able to surf inte in bed)))

Ja~ ittekimasu~~~

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Day 158 ~last bell~

from the childhood the last day of spring is associated with the last bell...
but not this time...

it was MK's birthday and presented her with the gift -hair tie.
Somehow by the eve I got this awful headache and after going to the post office to pick up the washi that arrived from Takumi no Sato. I pretty much ended up going to bed really early.

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Day 160 ~Nikko~

Nikko is amazing!!!!!
I loved the city)))

It was a great day!!!
Perfect weather - not too sunny and not too cold, and just a bit of rainin the eve...
NOt that many people around and as I went there only with KY, I had less of a headache about what everyone wants)

Shrine are trully fascinating!!! i do not get why only one carvings with 3 monkyes is so famous when it is only one of the series.
Actually it is a story of person's life...
ma.. iine...

Nemuri neko I so tiny but so pretty))) And at the nemurineko gate I finally got my daikichi!!! Maybe I should stop with omikuji now, cause there is no way up, but a long way down back to daikyo XD

Lunch we had at the fancy western styled restaurant, which is so popular with japanese and seemed a bit funny to me )))
For lunch we had omurice and to great KY's dissppointment I already had omurice in Takasaki with MK =P...

Afterwards we drove through irohazaka counting all the letters of teh song and finally reached kegon waterfall... IN the free fall water seemed to slow down and time seemed to stop at that very moment... nature is amazing...

yudaki and ryuzzaki waterfalls are also interesting, but kegon is more impressive)))

Conclusion - despite some small troubles it was an amazing day and I was in my happy-happy mood all the time and even KY teasing me could not spoil my mood (even though I must adit he was trying to be more agreeable than while in Kyushu XD)

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Day 162 ~Ms Cellophane~

Nobody even noticed that I had my hair cut off XD Only MK noticed and said that she likes it -told u that she is nice)))
This way I can judge about the fact how much they care for me)
Honestly speaking I do not care XD and I mean it, but that was interesting to confirm the obvious fact once again)

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Day 153 ~I believe I can fly~

Waking up at 5-30 to be at the station in time for the earliest train to head off to the final destination ^^

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Day 164 ~Back to Yh~

Early start to Yh with BM. As we were not using shinkansen it took us almost 4 hors to get there. But on the bright side we slept most of the way on the train)
Work in Yh was hard... no really "smart" one, but much concentration was needed, therefore by the eve I could not hold more than several digits in my head at once, which makes me even more frustrated.
BM got an issue.. She has not saved the file that she was working on the whole day!!! that was smth! we tried to retrieve file, but no luck.. she was really upset and even cried... That is not as big of a screw-up as I had.. I would say this is a silly one where nothing really bad comes out of it, so I tried to comfort her saying that I've been through much worse situation.
In the eve TM wakamono were supposed to go out for dinner, the one that I've planning like for ages. and even though I could not go myself I thought they should go and enjoy themselves... but they did not.. therefore I am done being nice and fluffy... people do not care and I should not be the one to try and make them care...
so I will just leave it as it is!

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Day 161 ~To cut the long story short....~

To cut the long story short... I had to cut not only the story, but also</span> my hair short...

There is an upload of my bungee jump on facebook and I am goin to upload all missing pictures today...

Enjoy your Sundays)))

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Neko no nikki