Day 140~Birth of miracle~

That was a great day cause some years ago a true miracle happened - my sister was born)))
Of course my mom annoyed me a lot on skype and I got to see my sis only for some mere minutes... but I got to talk with dad...
C2 canceled our hanging out due to his secret date, so in the eve I went and bought a small cake for my sis and ate it for her well-being!

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Day 139 ~takasaki sightseeing~

I was lazy at waking up, so once again I got out of bed to shower and dress up just in time to be meet NY and KY to go to Takasaki.
i have not yet transfered photos to pc so just a short report of events

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Day 138~oriental vs occidental~

Surprisingly I am in a good mood today... there is nothing good about the current state of my affairs, but I just feel good, for no reason XDчитать дальше

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Day 137 ~workshop&nomikai~

when I came to the office some of the CTG3 people were already there and some minutes later SY came as well.
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Day 136 ~temochiizaiko~

During the day I was busy with the inventories topic. I am done waiting for others to prepare some data for me, so I am doing it on my own and then just showing the result, explaining how I did and confirming that I was on the right track.
I really love it when u have 5 files on the same topic and numbers do not match! then jap guys would smile and laugh and say that deviation is not that big (just from 1 to 5 mJPY) and that's ok... but the topic is about the scrap of this 1-5mJPY worth inventories.. which means additional loss of 1~5mJPY... of course when the total is more than 600mJPY, 5mJPY is nothing much, but still.. we can not report to Germany every time a different number...
During the lunch boss joined our table so we had exactly 9 people sitting there.
IN the eve I was finally able to chat with CM on skype) I have no idea what I am to do when she leaves... I am so used to our silly email exchange. and I really really need it when I am at work and everyone is so gloomy...

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Day 135 ~round table~

Now our round table (which is actually triangle) is basically full) there are 9 sits and 8 are occupied. Our wakamono group is s missing Naveen, but I doubt he is ever gonna join us for lunch or at least anytime soon.
Lunch was light in spirit and heavy with food (but very tasty))). We laughed and chatted about so many things. SJ, KY and C2 went for the stretch and the rest of us went for a walk) I mostly spoke with newly married NY. He is so happy now))) And that makes my mood better as well.
After the trip and a bit more thinking I am even more persuaded that I am not a gf material and definitely not a marrying type XD Therefore I am looking forward to my life with cats)))
Anyways after lunch one colleague told me that I lost my Bosch ID in Kumamoto... O_o
Seriously??? I had no idea about it. I did notice that it was missing from the purse but I thought I left it at home in Tm and as right now my room is kind of mess I never even looked for it. luckily (or not) somebody found it and brought to police. so now they will first send me a photo of the id and if I confirm that it is mine , only then police will send me the actual id. and of course I would have to pay for all the expenses.. have no idea how much it will cost me, but ok.. my mistake...

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Day 134 ~surprise-surprise~

it is so weird to be back in the office... seriously... so weird...
I came in a bit late and saw that I had already received an email with assignment at 9-09 from CTG3 boss..
The assignment kept me busy most of the day (but I wish I could have more work to do)))
Lunch was busy with exchanging omiyage (basically from me to everyone) and chatting about Golden week.
in the eve NY arrived in the office around 6pm and announced that the day before he got married! And Sunday was his birthday as well (I hope everything works out for them cause to get married on ur own birthday and then regret it.. that would suck a big deal. but
as they are japans I am sure they can work it out or just ignore the problem)
This was quite a surprise to most of the people in the office!))) but NY is in a really good mood lately, so I hope everything will be fine.
I finished the work earlier than I expected and left home. I bumped into KY on the way back so we had to walk back together... I guess he had to go back with me suits the situation better. I do not like it if person finds me annoying and stills tries to be white and fluffy... I have no idea what is going on in his head right now, so I will just let him be on his own... cause no matter what, but a cat is still a cat and I would rather prefer to have my freedom than company!..
I the eve I couldn't chat with CM even though we agreed we are gonna do so... strange.. somehow it never works for us... so I felt asleep infornt of my baby junior)

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Day 133~sleepy drive~


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Day 132 ~long way to go~

The hotel in the morning was booked for breakfast so we only stopped at 7/11 to get some food. Ky suggest to go to Beppu, but for me it seemed way to unreasonable. it was at least 3 hours drive to Beppu and then to spend there at least 3 hours and then extra 3 hours to go back to kitakyushu and back to Tm. Therefore I declined the idea and said that anywhere in the city is fine. KY chose some space park which turned out to be a rollercoaster entertainment center, so we skipped it and went to one more park to get the final view over the bridge and Kyushu before heading back.
Some time during the trip we talked about having some fugu fish. And I suggested it as the city on the way is known as the capital of fugu. And if before Ky was supporting the idea then he suddenly started to say that it is too expensive and that I should not spend so much money on smth like that. I got the hint and said that it is ok to go back without it. The funny thing is that he did turned to the city and we were stuck in additional traffic jam even though I said it's ok to straight to Tm without stopping by for fugu. That;s what I do not understand. he didn't want it and I didn't either, but in order to show how nice he can be, we got stuck in traffic and he got more pissed about it than I did (that's reasonable as he was the one driving).
Finally we were able to get back to the highway and head towards home. There were many traffic jams and accidents along the way... Till the eve I was able to be active. I was busy with reading this great story "Foreigner" by Dolotov. The story is interesting and the style is entertaining!
But then after dinner I got really sleepy and the rest of the trip is a total mess in my memory. I remember we were stopping for restroom and "power nap" for KY. and at that time I gave up any attempts to stay awake. The only thing I remember clearly - the moon was amazing...

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D131 ~milky land and poor pony~

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D129 ~

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D127 ~

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D126 ~

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D125 ~ Yattai~

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D124 ~Oh dear deer~

Ok... here is the deal...

Lately I am trully tired because of work and other stuff....
Therefore I will not write much about my Golden Week trip... at least for now.. cause i need to sort photos and remember funny stories in order to do that...
I have been to many places in Kyushu, but in order to give a nice report I need more time... Therefore for now I will only make some entries with random photos and later on I will add stories)

On the night of departure I was lucky enough to see many deers in Nagano area)))

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D123 ~gaijin~

The day at work was pretty normal. I was not done packing for the trip, but neither I was really planning to do so) therefore I made3 an effort and made it to the Japanese class.
I think I never talked about foreigners there, because I am not really close to any of them, but I guess it’s gonna change soon)
henna gaijin

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Day 122 ~1/3~

Today is 1/3 of my extended stay in Japan. looking back I can say that I did messed up this period a lot and wasted so much time on useless things. From today I am trying to do better. Let's see if I can actually do it!

C2 is back in the office.. i hate to admit but i missed him XD

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Day 121 ~Lady's table~

I could hardly survive through the day... seriously.. it's just too hard for me to get up when I am supposed to. at first I would wake up throughout the night and then of course I am not able to wake up let say at 7am. I do not understand! In ua I was able to stay up till 2 or 3 am and then wake up at 5 or 6 and go to work or uni. Here I am taking it way to easy! And that;s what I need to change.

Work was slow as usual. During the lunch I invited the other new girl -MK to eat together (nobody around for now)
MK is a replacement for one guy who work for bosch as a contractor and found a regular job therefore he quit. MK has studied in US, but she seems much more mature than IM (no idea how old she actually is) She is very nice. She lives in Takasaki and invited me to come so that she can show me around the area) so sweet) So I am planning to go there on the weekend after the Golden week.

BM and IM were also there, so we had some kind of a lady's table)читать дальше

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Neko no nikki