Day 160 ~Nikko~

Nikko is amazing!!!!!
I loved the city)))

It was a great day!!!
Perfect weather - not too sunny and not too cold, and just a bit of rainin the eve...
NOt that many people around and as I went there only with KY, I had less of a headache about what everyone wants)

Shrine are trully fascinating!!! i do not get why only one carvings with 3 monkyes is so famous when it is only one of the series.
Actually it is a story of person's life...
ma.. iine...

Nemuri neko I so tiny but so pretty))) And at the nemurineko gate I finally got my daikichi!!! Maybe I should stop with omikuji now, cause there is no way up, but a long way down back to daikyo XD

Lunch we had at the fancy western styled restaurant, which is so popular with japanese and seemed a bit funny to me )))
For lunch we had omurice and to great KY's dissppointment I already had omurice in Takasaki with MK =P...

Afterwards we drove through irohazaka counting all the letters of teh song and finally reached kegon waterfall... IN the free fall water seemed to slow down and time seemed to stop at that very moment... nature is amazing...

yudaki and ryuzzaki waterfalls are also interesting, but kegon is more impressive)))

Conclusion - despite some small troubles it was an amazing day and I was in my happy-happy mood all the time and even KY teasing me could not spoil my mood (even though I must adit he was trying to be more agreeable than while in Kyushu XD)

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Day 159 ~Summer time~

Well, Happy first day of summer to everyone!
My plans for the weekend are quite undecided...
and I do not feel like telling about this topic in details cause story is the same - Japanese people are just to polite to say no, so they ignore the issue completely...
I'd rather concentrate on smth more pleasant as the fact that summer is already here!

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Day 158 ~last bell~

from the childhood the last day of spring is associated with the last bell...
but not this time...

it was MK's birthday and presented her with the gift -hair tie.
Somehow by the eve I got this awful headache and after going to the post office to pick up the washi that arrived from Takumi no Sato. I pretty much ended up going to bed really early.

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Day 157 ~family meeting~

work is work... and nothing interesting...
in the eve I talked with parents on skype... let me just leave the topic as it is.
The funny part is that I actually watched Ranma 1/2 live action) Lately I am in need of really stupid happy-end comedies... any suggestions?

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Day 156 ~planning~

do you know why I prefer to be a cat?
cause cats can get by themselves just fine...
I hate to organize smth especially when people are so indecisive and awfully polite in the same way. they do not want to say "no" therefore they are not saying anything and just sit there and keep quiet... annoying!
therefore I asked one last time and quiet directly whether they are in or out...
I'll give them some time and then just gonna go on my own XD
cat is still a cat) and nothing beats being a cat!

I do like the song a long!
And there is no way that I do not watch live action of one of my favourite mangas ever)))

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Day 155 ~nothing special~

the interesting event of the day was me fighting for the tasks with IM. surprisingly jap manager stood up for me, so now I am the one doing most of the work... you must think that I cam crazy to fight for assignments.. but trust me it is killing me to just sit here and do nothing for 9 hours...

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Day 154 ~Catday~

I did go to the jap class and studied on my own with the kanji book that I want to buy really badly. boring life

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Day 153 ~I believe I can fly~

Waking up at 5-30 to be at the station in time for the earliest train to head off to the final destination ^^

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Day 152 ~TGIF~

simple four letter that stand for the entire concept of Friday's mood.
finally! you have no idea how tired I was of being idle.

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Day 151 ~change of plans~

we were supposed to go to Nikko this weekend, but seems like it's not going to happen cause the weather is not looking good and KY has a nomikai in the eve and no one wants to rush through the city I think we have to reschedule for some other day.
But I have some other plans now)))

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Day 150 ~150~

himaaaaaaa~ himanandattaaaa~
in the eve I went for a walk.
On my way I also met the all-times-together combo - Amer and Brit guys. As I was in a bad mood they were nice enough to comfort me about it. I really want to go out with them sometimes.

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Day 149~big choco~

I had nothing to do today!!! nothing at all...
I finished some updates for the future use and that's it...

KY came back from Australia business trip... he brought really big chocho for me and C2 and a small ones for others... I felt bad about it do I gave out my choco to everyone in CTG.

In the eve NY has handed over some of his reporting tasks to me! great))) more work to do)

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Day 148 ~Eclipse~

7-34 japan was able to witness eclipse)
last one was 179 years ago.. next one - in 300 years)
unique - right?)

random thoughts

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Day 147 ~baby, don't cry~

the game was starting at 3am and we had nomihoudai from 12:30 fro three hours... читать дальше

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Day 146~supersize day~

Saturday turned out to be a day of many extremes...

long day

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Day 145 ~

Thanks God It Is Friday))))

Office was calm and I was busy with work...

Now I am packing for the Tokyo weekend.

Have a nice weekend!!!

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Day 144 ~b2d~

bored to death...
I wonder how I was able to survive through the day XD
C2 and NY went to Shibuya office today and as jap manager was taking a day off
it was basically dead quiet in the office...
I forced myself to go to Jap class and I even went there by bike... got almost hit by the car...

so here I am... at the end of thestoryline with many gaps...
sorry about that....
seems like I have been ignoring some of my friends.. sorry about that as well...
i mean it...

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Day 143~Nightmare is coming back~

remember the "big messed-up" topic from last month???
well.. here is part two...
Boss is in Germany and jap manager is too indecisive XD So here I am stuck in the office just waiting till somebody will make a decision for which I have no authority to make...

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D142 ~ Black Santa has arrived~

Indeed President arrived in the afternoon. However both C2 and I were bold enough to ask to come to the meeting. We had to introduce ourselves to him just like other managers XD
I must give some credit to my jap manager as he had mentioned that I was the one to prepare this presentation, however I believe I could have presented it better (at least with more confidence, cause I truly did my homework this time and I provided manager with all the tips for upcoming questions) At least I got a confirmation that next month I still get my chance to present in the meeting!
I completely missed it.. but it was Hug your cat day)))
I do not have a cat, but I wish I could get a hug)

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Day 141 ~Santa Clause is coming to town~

I was doing really good job with the presentation for the management meeting this month, but... but then I was told that the president of entire Bosch Japan is coming therefore my manager would present financial data instead of me (((
Boo... that was a true bummer...

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Neko no nikki