Day 181 ~Sleepyhead!

I slept almost all day long… I needed some rest.. nice relaxing day!

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Day 180 ~let's go korean~

The morning was …hmm.. morning… I realized that I had quite a lot to drink last night.. or maybe I am just getting old and can feel it in the morning… And on that un/lucky Friday I had a lot to finish for big jap boss and every time his tasks are killing me.. cause I feel like a very bad “sekretutka” (that’s the exact term that I can apply).
During lunch IM invited herself to come to party with NY in order to meet some guys and we joked a bit about her omiai… and at 4-50pm she and NY left office!
As SJ were going back to Tokyo (he already left for Hawaii with his Shoko-chan) and C2 and KM were not back from Thai (to which I have not confessed when asked about KM’s holiday plans) it were only me, BK and KY who went out for dinner.
This time I have chosen Korean! Good choice!
Food was awesome however conversation was so-so…
BK complained that her bonus is much less than she expected it to be and when I heard the amount I said that it is half of my monthly salary! And she decided to keep quiet about it XD maybe that was the reason but KY paid for the dinner… I feel bad about it and will find a way to pay back for sure!
The tattoo topic came up again and the two of them agreed that there is nothing worse than a person to have a tattoo and if his/her bf/gf would turn out to have a tattoo that would be a reason to break up the same moment.. I was once again amused by such attitude…
Also talked a bit about Korean and Jap bands both boys and girls…
And in the end agreed to go watch a movie on Sunday… but as soon as we agreed to go I knew pretty well, that I won’t be going…

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Day 179 ~Rotary Club~

My boss invited me to some drinking party in Tm. So as I had nothing better to do (I had – jap class, but I do not often get a chance to “hang out” with my boss in private.. and I am a bit scared of him.. or more like to disappoint him), I agreed to go.
We left office 6pm sharp and headed towards gathering place. He told me beforehand that it’s gonna be drinking so I was not worried at all, but when we arrived I saw all the people dressed up so formally… and we were the only two gaijins in jeans XD all the ladies were in dresses and even kimono and I felt really strange.
This was a gathering of Rottary club… who wants to know more can google it, but the idea is that it is some kind of fancy club for rich guys (and very rarely ladies). The official part lasted for about 30 minutes, but afterwards it did turn into a drinking party! And as I was smth exotic there, so many people came up to talk to me and pour me a drink and asked me to come next time as well and to join altogether XD
Drinking, bingo (I won some fruits))) and karaoke and some more drinking and a bit more drinking.. that was fun. But as any traditional party everything was finished by 9pm!
So after my boss and I were dropped off near dorm, my boss suggested to go for more drinks together! Surprise-surprise…
So we went to conbini to get beer and sake and then to the riverside…
We drank, talked and enjoyed the night…
We headed back only when it started raining quite heavily.
I came back around midnight…

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Day 178 ~Hmm...~

I woke up very early with uneasy feeling.. checked my cell and there was an email from my sister - My uni has declined to prolong my internship…
I hope she can solve this issue… otherwise..

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Day 177 ~TmP~

Arrived early in Tm… slept a bit and went to work… busy day and busy eve..

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Day 176 ~Leaving Kyoto~

I had some more walks around Kyoto in a refreshing weather as the storm was approaching) Really nice!

3 days in Kyoto is definately not enough but better than nothing)

but right now i have no idea what to do for Obon week....

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Day 175 ~Osaka~

I fell in love with Osaka)))
People are much friendlier.. they are really loud, noisy and simply tooo much.. But they are much friendlier than tokyo people)
Food is awesome and the night lights are simply amazing!!!
if I get a chance I'd like to go visit again)

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Day 174 ~Nara~

Day was rainy and humid and hot.
At first I went to one more shrine with the highest 5-store pagoda in Kyoto and then off to Nara.
In Nara I visited imperial palace site. It is interesting that there is railway lines running through the premises of the palace XD right across the palace entrance and really close to the main gate.
Afterwards I had to walk for a looong time before I was actually able to reach main park. I had my fun feeding the deers)
they are everywhere there))) so cute and agressive in the same time!!!!

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Day 173 ~ Kyoto Imperial palace~

On the second day I did less than 20 km or so I think) among others I visited Kyoto imperial palace and kinkakuji and ryoanji))) I wonder if these names says anything to others or just me sounding weird) but you can check photos on facebook)

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Day 172 ~Kyoto~

I cannot be sure but I think I walked over 20 km during that day…it doesn’t seem much, but if you take into account that I was kind of sightseeing and all jap shrines/temples are located on hills XD.. well it was great experience nevertheless…
I also got into interesting situation.. some kids came up to me to practice their English and I caught them by surprise when I replied in Japanese XD they were so cute.. and I even got some origami “presents” from them.

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Day 171 ~Off I go~

Today was really busy-busy day at work...
suddenly everyone needs me and wants to talk to me etc)

I have packed in 30 minutes only)))

my bus to Kyoto leaves at 23:59 XD

I still have some time to lazily look around)

In the end I decided to take my baby Junior with me)))
they have some pc at hostel, but with my own i would be able to surf inte in bed)))

Ja~ ittekimasu~~~

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Day 170 ~TOEIC~

I took TOEIC test...
NY was taking it as well, but when i wanted to sit near him he asked me not to, cause if i am too fast I would get on his nerves...
therefore I was sitting with some old jap guy)))
listening was boring)
and reading not interetsing)

I am sure I have made mistakes but I am aiming for above 950 out of 990... otherwise I would be a big looser XD

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Day 169 ~Emotionless~

I guess you can say that I am being gloomy cause of rain... so just let me be)))
I will go to Kyoto, stay away from Tm and all others)
just two more days and off I go)

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Day 167-168 ~Raining season~

I had to options for the weekend - to go hiking with Naive and Im or for a drive with KY...
and guess what did I chose - correct - to stay at home...
Saturday morning I woke up feeling crappy , so I ditched KY (he was nice enough to offer to bring me smth from the store if needed -_-) and stayed the whole weekend in my bed...
talked with parents - nothing new, so I will just skipp all the complains I have...

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Day 166 ~Kyoto ni ikou~

As I got more and more concerned about what to do about weekends and so .. I simply decided to gamble and asked for some risky days off!)
Therefore for now I am going to Kyoto on Wednesday night and coming back on Tuesday morning week after. 5 days and 4 nights stay...

Now I need to draw some kind of plan to go to all the places I would like to go.. but the problem is - I have no idea where exactly I want to go XD

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Day 165 ~Alive?~

Today I am in state of zombie...

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Day 164 ~Back to Yh~

Early start to Yh with BM. As we were not using shinkansen it took us almost 4 hors to get there. But on the bright side we slept most of the way on the train)
Work in Yh was hard... no really "smart" one, but much concentration was needed, therefore by the eve I could not hold more than several digits in my head at once, which makes me even more frustrated.
BM got an issue.. She has not saved the file that she was working on the whole day!!! that was smth! we tried to retrieve file, but no luck.. she was really upset and even cried... That is not as big of a screw-up as I had.. I would say this is a silly one where nothing really bad comes out of it, so I tried to comfort her saying that I've been through much worse situation.
In the eve TM wakamono were supposed to go out for dinner, the one that I've planning like for ages. and even though I could not go myself I thought they should go and enjoy themselves... but they did not.. therefore I am done being nice and fluffy... people do not care and I should not be the one to try and make them care...
so I will just leave it as it is!

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Day 163 ~Holding on~

Finally busy-busy with work)
That is good, but because of work my plans to go to Kyoto got all messed up T_T
Now I need to convince my managers and some people in Germany that we can turn in some reports beforehand... Not good at all...
Well, for today I did good job, so I can enjoy somewhat quite eve at home as tomorrow I have a business trip to Yh.

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Day 162 ~Ms Cellophane~

Nobody even noticed that I had my hair cut off XD Only MK noticed and said that she likes it -told u that she is nice)))
This way I can judge about the fact how much they care for me)
Honestly speaking I do not care XD and I mean it, but that was interesting to confirm the obvious fact once again)

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Day 161 ~To cut the long story short....~

To cut the long story short... I had to cut not only the story, but also</span> my hair short...

There is an upload of my bungee jump on facebook and I am goin to upload all missing pictures today...

Enjoy your Sundays)))

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Neko no nikki