Day 21 ~Running around~

I was late for Jap class cause I overslept and People in charge changed the room so it had taken me sometime to find new location.

further events

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Day 20 ~Болтун - находка для шпиона~

Manju has taken us to this park area. He is such a chatty fella. It is really hard to make him stop talking XD. i ahve actually acquired some important info from him)))

relaxing Sunday photos

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Day 19 ~Chitty chit-chat~

I made a note that I had chatted with my family a lot on that day… so I guess that was the case… but I do not remember what about. Probably about my life and stuff. So that’s it XD

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Day 18 ~ Nihongo wa soredake!~

It was my first time going for the Japanese class. I arrived on time and was the first one there. I brought some choco and spread it around. People there are all very nice and eager to teach (of course there is this one old guy who looks at me at giggles all the time, so I hate it when he is my teacher, but in general i enjoy classes) There are some Americans and British "students" – they work as Teacher assistants in schools in Tm and Takasaki.

ok... i still wanna give some details about the husband confusion)))One lady thought that NY was my husband as he had taken me to city hall and stuff and got really emberassed when I said that it was not the case XD. Actually I think there is this whole deal with the ring. I wear a ring on a ring finger on my left hand. It is a simple silver ring, but people think that I am married XD so lately I’ve switched to wearing it on my thumb

In the class I decided to study for JLPT 3level and to take in in June so that when I go back to ua, I can go for it once again (if I fail in summer) or try for 2 level (if I pass in summer). They have shown me books and we started an easy lesson.

I got a ride back home from a cute girl, named Maho (magic in Japanese). She is soooooo cute…. Typical Japanese type ofs cute… everything is pinkish and curly and laced and cute… I don’t get why she doesn’ have a bf, cause if I were a guy I would fall for her the moment I saw her…

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Day 17 ~"Шоб вам заCIPило!"~

I was given the first long-term task – CIP continious improvement process.. (and when German or Japanese pronounce abbreviation somehow it sounds like ЦІП)

the idea is nice – to improve current process for better efficiency and cost reduction, but somehow I do not see it realizing… For example – only my boss has PDF installed, so if u want to pdf any file, at first u need to print it out and then scan it. I am not even talking about printing costs.. but can u imagine converting 100slide presentation to pdf??? It takes time.. lots of time.. and then people have overtime.. labor uninon is not happy, people are not happy and company is not happy… so yeah.. u can go ahead and save 300 JPY per month for PDF use and pay all other costs… This is only one issue that I need to deal with...

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Day 16 ~Enviromental issues~

On that day I’ve learnt why Japanese like powdered tea so much - because it doesn’t pollute the environment! Tea bags have to be disposed of but tea powder – not.. You drink it all so no trash is produced.

I am sorry but I had to write it down to remember XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Day 15 ~Small troubles~

AT work I submitted my first complete presentation. It was a challenge. People kept changing what I need to show on slides every time, but I managed to live through it! I even receievd a thank you letter from BBoss)))
In the eve I decided to walk to the study center where Jap classes were taking place. It seemed like quite a walk. I don’t know how but I actually managed to find the place even though it has taken me about 1 hour to get there.

Of course i can write alll about my feelings when i was walking for over an hour near highway with no people around in the complete darkness XD but who would care about that XD

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Day 14 ~ Blanking out~

IM and I went out shoping for household stuff and later on prepared some dinner together.

Nothing interesting and memorable after two month for me to remember.

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Day 13 ~Xmas card~

On Xmas day I had to work. I had some IT security training with IM. I guess I can understand the idea of IT much better than her after all the training I went through at ING XD
The highlight of the day was the arrival of the postcard! it is on my desk at work)))

My sister send it to Headquaters (I guess she was not able to find my postal address in my email box (and nevertheless I do not like the idea of her going through my email box in general…))

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Day 12 ~12 dishes supper in one~

Honestly speaking the work related topics are usually boring and if I do not write it down right away – I forget about all the silly presentations I’ve done so far.

On the day before Xmas NY has taken me to city hall for allien registration and later on we acquired info regarding Japanese classes and even tea ceremony. So I was in a good mood even though not really Xmas mood. However I was looking forward to okonomiyaki welcoming party for me and IM. For the dinner we had many types of okonomiyaki, so I guess I had my 12-dishes supper) guys paid for us and we went back home. The next day we still had to go to work. T_T

so is it better? less details))) details like - at city hall NY was mistaken for my husband XD...

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Day 11 ~Time to settle down~

No matter how much I wanted to stay in my room for another day being lazy, I knew that I had to get out there because eno matter how much I enjoyed Tokyo life, I had to accept the idea that my life will be in Tm, and in order to make it more comfortable I went shopping for house stuff like buckets, towles, cups etc. and the rest of the day I spent cleaning , unpacking and getting my place in order.

So here is the short int to my apartment)

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Day 10 ~Beauty sleep~

I think this is one of the days that I would love to write about))) because nothing really happened) I stayed in my room for the entire day, mostly sleeping)))
The best relaxing day ever!

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Day 9 ~Sunshine~

I've been told that I am too detailed about my life - do not worry, it won't last long... I was writing Januaries enties in the second half of February, when i no longer remembered all the details))) good for you and pity for me...

To say that I overslept is basically to say nothing. I got up around 2 pm. I had some hard time ditching Hiro, but I managed to do so and so I went straight to Ikebukuro as I had to meet the photographer that day before going back to Tm. There is nice shopping/entertainment center in Ikebukuro which is called – Sunshine city

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Day 8 ~Royals and Royalties~

Sorry >_____< I am back after a long time!!! But I am gonna do better... I have to, cause I am close to loosing my sanity as it is...

The extra early morning was hard on everyone. Some quick breakfast, final checks and we rushed to the bus station. Bee has given me final directions (she kept worrying about me too much) and our ways parted at Ueno station. I was going further on my own. And the first stop was Ueno zoo.

animal planet)

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Day 7 ~Lazy~

Some days are really nice for keeping track of, as nothing much happened so there is nothing much for me to write about.

jishin desu

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Day 6 ~NY “and all that Jazz”~

For the last day of the year we had a plan to go to Yokohama to meet one Japanese lady, who has been coming to Ukraine and Moldova for past 5 years to “promote” (if that’s the word to use) Japanese culture. In UAJC we have formed this Miyashiro juku, where we study various things about Japan and how we can popularize Japanese culture in Ukraine. In 2010 together with Miyashiro-san we went to Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk and in 2011 we visited Chernigiv and Ternopil, besides regular workshops in Kiev. Actually due to one of the workshops in Kiev last November I was introduced to the ambassador of Japan in Ukraine (Many people would think it is nothing to care about, but for some ua student to get business card from ambassador is actually pretty cool) This time it was my turn to come meet Miyashiro-san in Japan.


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Day 5 ~Couple spots~

Early in the morning I left with Bee for the station. She had to work that day and couldn’t babysit me and the bf was ill and couldn't take her place, so I had a chance to wonder around Tokyo on my own. Bee has given me nice directions about subway and places to go. She has also given me public phone cards to use if I get in trouble. The original plan was that I go to Asakusa and Odaiba on my own and then we meet in Shibuya, form where we can go home together. Even though the plan was not realized at first everything went well)


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Day 4~Tokyo time or Sightseeing Failure ~

After all that late night packing I had some hard time waking up in the morning (do not forget the fact that I was still waking up at 2am local time to watch some scrubs episodes XD not that I wanted to, but jisa時差 (time difference) is smth u can not avoid). I do not think I had any breakfast, I just rushed out the doors , happy to get the hell out of Tm as fast as I could, and I was running late for the bus XD (I will leave it up to you to make a conclusion about the main reason)))


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Day 3 ~Inventory Countdown or what the heck???~

Once again I woke up at 2 am and stared at the ceiling for an hour or so, then I decided to watch some movies as I hate to spend/waste time aimlessly lying in bed without any sleep and not getting any rest. There is nothing better than silly comedy when you are under pressure, so Scrubs has made my day, or rather many days throughout January. But not matter how fun the TV show is, it is definitely no fun to get up at 6 am after mere 2 hours sleep. The only thing that can save me during such times is a long hot shower where I can relax and still half-asleep go through all morning rituals.

no photos and not that much to say about the day

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~Quiz time ~

I am tired of typing and can not finish next day nikki, so I will leave it for tomorrow.

But in the mean time, you can enjoy some quizes))) about weird stuff in Japan. the correct answers wold be rewarded (as to the reward we can discuss it later on)))

what are these?)))what is the purpose of these objects))) this stuff might seem weird to some of you, but it was to me)))

Part one

Part two

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Neko no nikki