Day 201

I might be making a mistake, but in that case that would be the most incredible mistake I have ever made!
ah-ah..need to go and bungee jump again)))

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Day 200 ~200 days~

200 days.. I doubt that any of my relationship lasted this long.. conclusion – Japan I believe we can work it out somehow! Despite being so different, coming from different cultural and economic background, but I believe we can be quite real thing in the future! XD

PS Today I have finally updated my contract and therefore I am legally staying with Bosch till end of the year.. to be more specific – Dec 14. I wanted to go back earlier like on Dec 20, but as I was already invited to a weeding on Dec 22 it leaves e with Dec 23 as a return date cause my dad’s birthday would be in Dec 24th and I would like to be back by then. So I guess I will be pretty much arriving on his birthday)

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Day 199 ~stood up~ XD

I was supposed to chat with SY in skype, but he stood me up XD He was stuck at work till 10 and got home much later than was supposed to. He sent me a message via facebook but I got it only next morning… I wish he was simply going out for dinner or drinks rather than being stuck in the office… poor poor half-blood prince XD

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Day 198 ~Araso~

Today I learnt some new Japanese words like “araso”, “arafo” and “arafi”.
And as many weird jap words it is a shorted abbreviated version of English expression indicating ages! Around thirty, forty and fifty)))
Guys around table discussed that they all are “araso” and as IM turns 25 next month she is gonna join them in the araso category.
And I was looking at these barely mature guys and wondering why they give age so much importance when they act like 3 year old kids at times…
For example.. when they first came to Tomioka they agreed to wear pink shirts on Thursday and since last year green ones on Tuesdays… and so they do most of the time !!! that is cute and silly.. mostly silly and maybe childishly cute, but the key word would be childishly..
They think that I am all that naïve but I’ve been through things that cannot even think of, so…
Dakara wakaranai!!!
Nihonjin no koto wakaranai!


Day 197 ~back to basics~

After talking to my family I came up with only one conclusion – my parents gave up on me… they no longer force me to come back home asap. They do not care when I am coming back and how much longer I am to stay in Japan. I wonder whether it is a good thing or bad…


Day 196 ~Running away~

As you can see, I took quite some time to do a slight update of diary... and that is the escape from the harsh reality - i need to work on my thesis T_T

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Day 195 ~ Tanabata~

Raining all day T_T
no tanabata for me...

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Day 194 ~Speed up~

To do a presentation in 3 hours when usually I have about 6 days to make the same))) that's what we call speed up the process.. but I am afraid others might hate me for rushing them as well XD
I might be a bit too fast for locals XD

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Day 193 ~HR~

I do not like HR.. seriously... I am sorry if it offends somebody, ut that's just not my thing I guess...

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Day 192 ~hanabi~

4th Of July - Independence day in America when all those firework shows take place, so we decided to have our own hanabi party at the parking lot)
very japanese hanabi with buckets of water to put out the remaining sparkles of fireworks XD
so cute ~

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Day 191 ~Yh~

It was a very long day. From 4am till 1am.. and I am surely not mixing up the time…
I woke up at 4 am and manage to get myself out of bed only half an hour later… 30 minutes to get ready and off to the station for the first train… that is fun I left Tomioka with the first train and came back with the last.

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Day 190 ~KK presents~

President of the entire bosch japan came again for a visit.. not for a visit but for a monthly manager’s meeting and I was sassy enough to ask the permission to present financial report and so I did… it was weird – all old jap managers and me XD bottom line – when leaving president said personal good bye to me… of course he will forget me the very moment he walks out of the room, but nevertheless bit by bit I am making a progress to get into their heads XD

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Day 189 ~not much time left~

I need to start writing my thesis....
it kills me....

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Day 188 ~Last day f June~

Last year I had an interview with ING))) Good old times.. seems like ages ago.. time flies by T_T

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Day 187 ~Relief~

Have I told you how great my sister is?
She solved my university problems!!!

well, now she does not want to talk/see me... and i get why.. but i love her so much!
she has done for me way more than I deserve...

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Day 186 ~bucket list~

I decided to make some kind of Japan bucket list -things that I have to do before I go back to Ukraine.
Let me know if you have any good ideas)

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Day 185 ~first/last day~

It the first day of my last period in Japan.
Today I presented our financial data to department members, I guess it was a trial run for Monday when I am to present it to all managers (and maybe even RBJP president) he-he~ tanoshimi!

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Day 184 ~6 month~

Happy 6 month anniversary to me...

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Day 183 ~Part-timer~

3 hours drive to Yokohama, 2 hours waiting for the meeting, 40 minutes meeting, 1 hour waiting for departure, 3 hours drive back to Tomioka… 1 hour working in the office alone XD

And I guess I am a part-timer not only at work but in my personal life as well…
I know I am at wrong here, but it still hit me hard….

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Day 182 ~Change of plans~ Bua-ha-ha!!

I changed my plans for the eve and skipped movies with BM and KY… I know it was the right choice)

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Neko no nikki