Day 42 ~Attitude~

In the morning we had nice breakfast at IM’s uncle’s and aunt’s place. And the aunt has taken us first to the stone garden. Japanese are really fond of huge stones)))

sticks and stones

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Day 41 ~Intern's nomikai

By the time I woke up Bee was already gone. I had taken my time to take shower and when I got out THE perfect breakfast set prepared by Bee’s bf was already waiting for me. It was tenderly sweet. At moments like that I can not be happier for Bee!!! He also offered to drive me to the station but I thought it was too much) I rushed for the bus and after an hour or so I was meeting with Mariko in Shinjuku.

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Day 40 ~Evil smirk mode~

Last day was also somewhat challenging. I was sick of Japanese explanations especially as CTG3 people were not making any effort to put it in easier way. But I think I had my victory over them at the end.
time for eveil smirk)))

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Day 39 ~Encounter~

I had breakfast at the hotel and came to office earlier than i was supposed to, even though I was told to rest as much as I wanted. However I thought it was a good idea to come earlier for the review and on my way up to the office I met a girl. читать дальше

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Day 38 ~Business trip~

I was really excited about my first business trip as I had no chance to go to other offices before.


@музыка: Big Bang - Blue (english version)



I am finally done with January, but I am still falling behind...

I am having mood swings all the time... And I do not like it...

I am trying to make decisions here, then I get discouraged, then scared and then I am close to giving up...

No matter how fast I try to run and catch up, I always fall behind...

And once again I've been reminded that I have no wings to be dreaming of flying away...


Day 37 ~January closure~

I woke up early dreaming of a warm shower only to find out that no hot water was running through my pipes… And I had to take freeeeeeezingly cold shower and dry up in front of aircon turned all the way to the max!


coming next ===> FEBRUARY
but it's gonna be tomorrow tonight, cause I do not have much time till I need to get up for skype date with my sis and getting ready for work and all the ironing I need to do... Ah~a... I need to get some sleep cause today I had some hard time trying not to fall asleep infront of my monitor at work...

Sweet dreams to all of you)))

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Day 36 ~So sad... Part II~

I do not remember anything about this day… that’s way I keep telling myself that I need to keep updating it at least once a week, cause otherwise I would be faced with the same situation… it’s a day that I can tell nothing about.
I don’t even have emails in my inbox dated that day!!!
I think that I asked for directions to Yh office as I were going there in February and reserved a room in a hotel... and that’s it…
Ah-ah.. I should do better from now on!

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Day 35 ~Upgrade~

I went for the class with IM. The weather was really nice and all other foreigners were having outings and I was the only one who came. IM was not happy about it, probably because I made her wake up earlier. Afterwards we went for some shopping. I asked to drive me to cellphone store. The first one was somewhat expensive. And at the softbank store I had to wait in line for a long time only to find out that company wants both passport and alien id in order to sell me a phone. I didn’t have passport with me.. so we had to go back to the store in a few hours after IM had her lunch and afternoon nap. I was finally able to buy cell phone. 1 minute is 90 JPY, but I get unlimited emails per month for 300 JPY, which is really nice. I put 3000 JPY on account and in 60 days the remaining balance would burn, anyways I do not think that might happen to me. I’ll just put more money in march. IM was really moody, and later on apologized for that… actually I was not paying attention to her being moody at me or with me… I was trying to get used to my cell phone.. Which is still quite hard for me…

@музыка: Adele - Someone Like You


Day 34 ~Onsen failure~

Morning was hectic.. I cleaned up my room after the “party” and in the afternoon IM and I went to the onsen, or so we thought we would do…
epic failure

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Day 33 ~Outing in Tm~

The day was busy with some random tasks so I even didn’t get a chance to change before going out. IM and I went to buy alcohol and snack for afterparty and we also bought my bd cake for the actual party in Izakaya.

outs and ins

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Day 32 ~First month anniversary~

One month as I came to Japan... Time flies by... T___________________________T

The highlight of that day was the evening, when KY stopped by with the ski boots. He came around 11 pm (straight from work O_o). The boots were ok for me and he seemed to be going to leave after the short fitting session.. I offered some tea, but he declined and was getting ready to go… but then we started chatting at the door. various stuff… I don’t even remember all of it, just some bits and pieces… there were some pauses and I thought that that was the time when he was going to leave but then we would start talking again… he left after midnight… I wonder whether I was just thirsty for some talking as I do not get much chance to talk to people here... I wonder...

@музыка: Бумбокс - Квіти в волоссі


Day 31 ~BD stands for Bad day~

Honestly speaking it was nothing special. I got up, dressed… brought the candies to work… during the lunch Manju and KY wished me a happy birthday and I gave them the sweets as well. And then I rushed to pick up my cake) It was gorgeous!

The ladies at the backery did an amazing job on it… of corse no happy birthday sign, but I could tell that they were sincere in putting much efforts in creating beautiful decorations with fruits. I brought the cake back and IM helped to cut it and I distributed it. That was the all celebration!

In the eve I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of champagne, strawberries and some cake. I went back home and enjoyed my lonely eve… Thinking about it I never liked to celebrate my birthday, so I guess it was perfect party for myself)

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Day 30 ~Tea ceremony class~

In the eve I went to tea ceremony class.

omotosenke ni irasharuчитать дальше

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Day 29 ~Backery~

After work I went to order the cake. As I’ve written about it before, I am just gonna repost entry from the other diary.

older entryy

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Day 28 ~Chakai~

In the early morning IM and I went to Tei-san’s home for me to get changed. Tei-san was nice and friendly to IM and that;s how IM was able to steal her from me. But now I do not mind it at all)


@музыка: Океан Ельзи - Я на небі був


Day 27 ~Happy kid in snow~

It was a great day! We went to Haruna jinja! Really amazing place.

Haruna Jinja

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Day 26 ~Banking~

NY has taken me to pick up my alien id and later on to the bank to set up account. I had to buy hanko in order to open an account. They also made me write everything with kanji, which was a disaster))) And I also had to verify with hanko that i do not belog to yakuza... Most interesting that my hanko says "katano" instead of my real name))) (to ordeer custom made only for one bank account is too expensive for me)
I was gonna exchange some $ but NY said that he were to give me a better rate so we agreed on that one.

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Day 23-25 ~So sad... and sweet...~

I am sorry mostly to myself -__- but I no longer remember anything about these three days.. which is sad.. seems like I haven’t live that time if I do not remember. Which means I have to be more active so that I have smth to write about each day.. let it be some foolish stuff, but at least I will remember it later on and laugh at how silly I was.

UPD I was just looking through my photos and found this folder... but do not tell anyone...

sweet memories

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Day 22 ~Hidden meaning~

I received such an email that day...
secret code!

@музыка: Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?

Neko no nikki