Day 61 ~Is zumba really a dance?~

We got back after midnight and KY drove me all the way back to the apartment (which is 2 minutes walk from the dormitory, but still nice XD) I stayed up till 2 am in inet.


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Day 60 ~Movie night~

I think that today’s morning was somewhat a mess. Because I am still a mess myself.
Coming to japan was a chance for me to change myself, be more active open, initiative etc. but it seems that I can not run away from myself and I am still this old cat who doesn’t care much about the surroundings as long as she has her own warm corner and some milk...

But I would leave all te boring thought to myself...

night out

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Day 59 ~Nomikai~

I’ve made a mistake with the presentation.. a minor one and was able to solve it, butIi feel bad about admitting to it…
Am I really such a biatch?.. I can admit to mistakes if I do not think it was my mistake/my fault… I would apologize and solve the problem… but if it was my fault and nobody really asks I do not think that I have guts to step up and admit that I’ve made a mistake, especially if it’s not such big of a deal…

In the eve we went for nomikai for one of the colleagues leaving the department and welcoming IM to it. Nomikai took place at tonkatsu restaurant , however the portion of tonkatsu itself was really small. Instead we were served with all kinds of food - Sashimi, pizza, Chinese tofu, grilled fish, pork, onigiri, udon.

IM has forgotten her keys at work (not the first time I must say) so NY has taken us back to office first and then home. Right now I think it’s ok that IM is soooooooo airheaded. But I am usually not really patient with people who make silly mistakes…I am usually not patient with silly people in general… so I wonder how long I can think of her behavior being cute instead of annoying.

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Day 58 ~Balnk Part II~

I finished smoky fish for breakfast and had some ice cream (so much for dieting))) And the rest of the day is completely blank for me…

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Day 57 ~Smth's fishy XD~

That day I onced again expreined freezingly cold shower. I wonder whether I can ever make myself take shower in the eve so I do not have to suffer when pipes are frozen, but even then I still enjoy hot mornings showers)))
At work I had headache the entire day, which was really bad , but I also got a confirmation that I were to go to Yh in March, which I must say, made my mood better. In the eve my boss has given me a ride back home, Well not exactly home. We stopped by the supermarket and he advised me to buy this smoky fish and eat with some garlic. He even bought package of garlic and has given me one. The fish was amazingly good!!!

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Day 56 ~Working out~

I was lazy most part of the day… In the eve IM has taken me to the lake. out

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Day 55 ~onsen time~

Morning was lazy and good for nothing. But later on we went to onsen. Isobe onsen.


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Day 54 ~SuJu nightmare or sweet dream??? O_o~

Omg… I woke up realizing that I had a dream about SuJu.. there were Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and the big guy in it,, someone else as well, but I do not know all SuJu members by name XD
They came to kiev for fun and it was interesting XD I must be going crazy now!
However today is Friday, which means shortened working day and two days off to come. And I want to go somewhere for fun! Have to check the places around.

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Day 53 ~banking~

I swallowed my pride and asked IM for a drive to bank. It has taken over 30 minutes for me to exchange currency... no comment...
By the end of the day I was really tired and as it was cold I thought of skipping jap class. But thanks to my boss I was forced to go. Class was nice and I learnt and reviewed a lot. And my boss was nice enough to give me a ride back. On the parking slot I met IM and she has taken me to bento shop to buy some dinner. So in the end I had some dinner and went to bed)

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Day 52 ~Natto time~

During lunch I had natto for the first time… I do not think it smells all that bad and I do not think it tastes all that good. KY was taking photos/video saying that it is fun to watch me struggle with that sticky stuff and I wonder what the hell that was about… I guess some food is not meant for me to be eaten in public XD, like noodles or natto (it gets sticky all over you)

Eve was quite… I tried to go to bed earlier and I couldn’t really… even when I did I woke up at 4 am… I guess all I need is 5~6 hours of sleep a day, even though I would feel tired later in the day…

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Day 51 ~ Blue Valentine~

I brought the chocos to work and left on the desks as most of the guys are out of office… I am foreigner I can do whatever I like… That's what I tell myself tryig to reason my bahaviour)))
I got another email confirming that chocos were received in Yh, which is really nice.

Work was no fun( but i still ended up chatting with Mboss for another 40 minutes... XD

I got home.. got sad… made some nice dinner… has eaten and then I wondered into land of dreams)))

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Day 50 ~sorandom~

So here it is. I’ve been in japan for 50 days. geez...

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Day 49 ~Moody Part II~

I woke up around noon and my mood wasn’t any better… I stayed in my room for the entire day finishing what was left of yesterday’s food))) and thinking about what should I do about sending chocos to Yh office. I’ve asked people for their opinions. And afterall decided to ask IM to pass the chocos when she is in the Yh office XD I need a reputation of crazy foreigner intern to live up to)
On the other hand I ditched the TmP wakamono for some skype chatting. I do not think it was the right decision. In fact I think it was wrong decision to make, and I knew about it all along, but let’s say when I am moody I better stay alone, otherwise there might be some collateral damage, and that’s not I wish for at all…

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Day 48 ~Moody~

I woke up early as I had to finish laundry and to return IM her iron. After ironing I decided to clear my mind and apartment for that matter. It has taken me 4 hours to clean every spot in my apartment including pipes in bathroom. I thought pipes were clotted, but apparently they simply can not handle me using full power water flow when I am washing my hands XD.
Then I went to the bank to kiss the locked door.
I was not in the mood to keep IM company and I had a good excuse to do so, so I simply went to bed when I felt like it.

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Day 47 ~ Failures!

Morning was nice and sunny. I finally was able to wash some dishes and I feel good about! Today should be busy, but only when boss comes to the office, I have like tons of stuff to discuss with him XD
Today I also want to:
planning failure

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Day 46 ~An oldlady self~

Today is as lazy as usual. I got to work later on but at least today I have a decent reason to leave on time if not earlier XD.
mess at jap class

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Day 45 ~“Hallo aus Reutlingen”~

I woke up at 6am as usual, had some breakfast watched some tv, but as it was too early to get ready I decided to sleep a bit more and I ended up oversleeping XD I like it that the office is not that far from the apartment , so that by 9-15 I was already logged in my pc)
~“Hallo aus Reutlingen”~

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Day 44 ~Back to TmP or Home Sweet Home~

Ah-ah… It is somewhat sad to be back, but nice in the same time. I had a very lazy morning. As I was gone for the entire week, all I had for my breakfast was some milk and cookies. I think I really need to go grocery shopping today as all I have left in my fridge – pack of beer, sake, wine and gorilka))) nice combination.
lazy honey bees

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From now on it gets interesting... I was keeping my diary up to date... SO most of the entries are written in present time)

most of the entries are very long as I would be writing down whatever comes on my mind, so now I need some time to cut it shorter (at least in half)))

Anyways I will try to keep just some interestinng info leaving out all the crazy stuff)))


Day 43 ~Gaijin card

I woke up later on, when Bee’s bf had already left for work. Bee and I had breakfast and went to Tokyo together.hmm...

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Neko no nikki