Day 80 ~It's rathere really Black Day instead of being white~

I do not know how but I overslept… seriously it was a surprise to me… I was waking up from 6 am till 7-30 as usual every 10-15 minutes, but then at 7-35 I decided to enjoy my cozy blanket for 5 more minutes and the next time I opened my eyes it was 9-15… I could not believe it… 8-15 yes.. but 9-15… no way!!!! And I had so many plans for the morning… Surprisingly I was able to get ready in less than 20 minutes (showering, ironing shirt, answering emails, eating breakfast and even chatting with some guy form gas company who was looking for my neighbor), so I think I can say that I can get dressed up even faster if needed))) I was in the office at 9-50…
But when you are in a hurry you can forget stuff… in my case I lost an earring.. the one that I had since I was 15?…

many stories for just one day

@музыка: Океан Ельзи - Моя мала



Все починається коли зникає все
Куди несе тебе вода, куди несе?
Де ота земля, яку шукаєш ти?

А на наступний день ти як завжди встаєш
І забуваючи про все кудись ідеш
Де ж ота земля, яку шукаєш ти?

То не ти, не тобі, не для тебе, не твої слова
Подивися навколо, хіба не болить голова?
Подивися на себе, хіба ти хотіла сюди?
Ні не такі твої сліди

То не ти, не тобі, не для тебе горять маяки
Ти чекала любові і світла, а все навпаки
Не шкoдуючи днів їм віддала себе та дарма
Взяли усе, лиш ти сама

Не плач, моя мала
Доля таки зовсім не зла
Не плач і не журись
Більше пізнай, більше навчись

Не плач, моя мала
Доля не зїсть, доля не зла
Не плач і не журись
Більше пізнай, далі дивись
І полетиш!


Day 79 ~ Back to square one~

I think that for the last few weeks all what I’ve been writing about is that I do not get enough sleep. Well, that is true. I think it took me some time to figure out the reason for it. In ua I went to bed late as well and had to get up early, but in ua I had over an hour commute to work/university and I used that time to sleep. Here on the other hand I have 10 minutes walk, which saves so much time for other stuff, but bottom line is - I am not getting much sleep.

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Day 78 ~catching up?~

As I was no longer able to sleep I decided to surf the net a bit)

today's events.. and I mean it... it is about today)))

Well... here it is.. I might be able to keep dairy more or less up to date from now on as there is nothing much to write anyways)...

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Day 77 ~3/11~

I was running late for Jap class yet again.

sleepy sunday

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Day 76 ~Caturday~

I woke up around noon. Finally getting some sleep fro a change XD

do not annoy a sleepy cat!

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Day 75 ~really short memo~

I can not post all that I've written)))

All i can say - I had a relaxing eve at home.. watching movies and folding my cranes)

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Day 74 ~Grandpa curse~

Lately I have hard time getting up in the morning and staying awake durig the day.


@музыка: Gwen Stefani - Cool


Day 73 ~Another boring day~

I overslept my skype date with sis… but she had some technical issues as well, so it worked out somehow. I was gonna color my hair, but as I was too tired to get up one hour earlier I just washed and that was it.

daddy's girl)))

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Day 72 ~ Up and downs~

That’s the spirit! I cleaned up yesterday’s mess and got iron from IM.
0= )

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Day 71 ~Back in the office~

Till around 3 am I was online uploading photos and stuff and then went to get some sleep. At first my baby boy Junior was not working properly, which made me worried whether he had caught some virus while surfing. But I think it should be ok now.
lazy thoughts

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Day 70 ~Hectic~

In the morning I had my usual breakfast – milk and yogurt (I am getting addicted to Japanese diary products ><) and set off to meet Miyashiro-san.

running around)

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Day 69 ~ Town of temples and samurai~

I overslept quite badly and went for Kamakura one hour later than I planned to. CM walked me to the station so that I do not get lost and went back to the dorm.


@музыка: Pink - Sober


Day 68 ~

Getting up in the morning was extra hard. I was glad that my leg was feeling all much better (only some discomfort when going up the stairs) but that day I felt a bit weak. I had nice breakfast at the hotel – salad, salmon and milk. As for lunch- I had it with Caro and her colleagues.

wrap up)

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Day 67 ~Spring has come?~

I woke up around 6 to pack. At the moment I left house it was hard for me to tell whether I’d left anything behind (I hope not)... the only thing that I realized was that I've hurt my leg while skiing.. but that was not my only problem...

to make sure that it is spring I can post some nice plum blossom )))

random events

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Day 66 ~ Night ski ~ and February closure

I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t sleep at all.. nya

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Day 65 ~coincidence~

I woke up at 5am… that is not funny anymore!!! For the entire hour I rolled in he bed without any sleep and only around 6 when my alarm rang I was sleepy again. Surprisingly I am feeling very refreshed today!... I got to chat with a friend and then unexpected chat session with the german guy…
I had my milk so I feel rather good!
white and fluffy mode

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Day 64 ~My fault~

I was in the office at 9-10 and got to my assignments.

@музыка: Sunnyhill - Pray


Day 63 ~Kusatsu onsen~

I overslept… which is no surprise as I had been tired for weeks now and going to bed late doesn’t help in such case…
long day

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Day 62 ~Skiing~

@музыка: 2ne1 - Hate you

Neko no nikki