Day 100 ~ Typhoon~

I failed in many ways!!!! but Happy 100th anniversary to me anyways)

i guess i had to many expectations of this day.. and i failed nmyself to achieve anything from the list that i had made before..
not really a happy anniversary

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Day 99~In's and out's~

I left Lena’s place together with her husband. He was worried as a first grader on his first day of school! Yasu changed companies and even though he is 28 he was entering compnay together with all new grads. His sallary is gonna be lower and he has to act like a new grad as well, which in his sense means to act "pure" (quote/unquote). but he is gonna stick to it in order to build up a better career. I talked with him about the educational and hiring systems in japan and other countries. Seems like the new grad system in japan is not working properly anymore... it still "rules" the hiring process, but it has nothing to do with the real needs.
When I got to the office my boss was already there (now i know whose empty desks those are). The day was ok. I did some work, met CM after lunch and we went out for a walk. She saved me by lending me her charged cable for pc... cause my pride would not let me confess that i have left mine in Tm XD
And then I had a very quiet eve in hotel.

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Day 98 ~German weekend~ Part two: the Old Chris

I told Hiro that I will be out of is place by 9 am… but I played a blond card and slept till noon. I had no exact plans for the day (some friends did not reply to my emails –probably too sick of me XD) and as I was/am still sick I thought that I can use some sleep.
Then I went on my own to Tokyo Edo Open air museum – pretty much our Pyrogovo. I do enjoy watching Japanese families going out on the weekend to park to play together with kids. I do not remember that our young parents do anything like that…

this is mascot for Edo Museum

Japanese Pyrogovo

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Day 97~ German Weekend~ Part one: New Chris

Surprisingly I was almost late for bus… When I arrived at the bus stop I could see the door closing right before me. Good that I was not late, cause otherwise I Have no idea what I would have done…
I came to Ikebukuro and went to shrine) before meeting with the other “Chris”

just like my first day in tokyo)

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Day 96 ~Little mermaid~

I lost my voice!
I woke up and realized that I can speak... my throat hurt like hell and I could hardly swallow any food...
I was whispering all day long... and others really enjoyed making fun of me....

Anyways I am having a busy weekend)
I hope it will be nice just as I expect it to be)))) gonna write about it lwhen time comes)
And I wish all nice weekend as well))))

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Day 95 ~Going wild~

All i can say is that I missed my Japanese class. That was the first time Imissed the class even tough I was in town. I will try not to do so again, but I was stuck atwork till 7-20 pm and then was too tired to go. I went to buy some medicine at the drugstore and basically finished folding cranes) I must say they look beautiful)))

I watche the spin off to "Liar game"...
During lunch we once again discussed about going to watch it... I guess it's only me and KY who would actually want to watch it... But as ur schedules do not match, we can hardly find time to go together... He wanted to go on Sunday but I am going to Tokyo on the weekend and then Mon and Tue I am in Yh, and on Wed he is going to nagoya to visit customer and on Thu I have Jap class... I gues it's just not ment to be, just like many other things for me)

but another shock was Madonna's new video with Kazaky...

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Day 94 ~New girl in town~

In the eve wakamono went to dinner with the new girl - BM)
Her last name sounds very German and name very Japanese and inded her mom is Japanese, but dad is American instead of German. She grew up in many countries as dad kept moving around changing jobs. She graduated from Waseda with bachelor majoring in liberal studies, never taking economics classes... (i am feeling annoyed with such employement decision of Bosch) She is tiny and pretty, seems very nice, but i am afraid she is falling under IM;s influence XD.
But I did not get a chance to talk much with her, so I can tell more about her.

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Day 93 ~Sick leave~

Once again I am cutting all the complaining parts) therefore there is nothing left for me to say XD

I did not go to sado class, I was to weak for that.
In the eve I did tellmom that I plan to stay in Japan till the end of the year... Well, it is tragic story so I will skip it as well...

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Day 92 ~Cover girl~

I will cut all the parts where i nag about being sick and tired... therefore all i can tell is the following

The photo that Chris sent me is actually a cover page for bosch newsletter!!! That was a shock alright. I guess I will get more teasing from now on.
The Admin lady brought one for each employee, and she gave up hers to me...

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Day 91 ~Royal pains~

The only bad part about such outing was my state. I was wet (especially feet) and cold, I got a blister on the soles of my feet (when I had my nails done on both hands and feet - the lady was surprised that I have such a tender skin in some weird places XD like sole and palms, but my face skin is kind of rough XD) the blisters burst and started bleeding. So it was painful.
We got on the first train around 5-30 and went to Kashiwa. I was thinking about going all the way to Bee to have some sleep, but then I would have only 2~3 hours of sleep and spent lots of money for trains and buses. So while we had breakfast inside the station (bee and bf were waiting for the first bus) I made up my mind to go back to Tokyo)
I rode the local train so it would take more time and slept most of the time…

running a fever

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Day 90 ~Party all day/night long~

The bus was stuck in the traffic jam. I slept most of the high way part of the way but when driving through Tokyo streets I enjoyed the familiar view and folded some “homework” cranes… I still was not sure of my plans so I found my way to Tokyo Dome without any help)
The Tokyo Dome)

читать дальше

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Day 89 ~Smile~

I had a very weird dream. There were Bee and her bf and there was my mom… I was going back from Tokyo to Tomioka and she came to the bus station to see me off. And I had a violin with me. I do not play any musical instruments, but in the dream I knew I could. And my mom and i started fighting over the violin regarding how I am supposed to carry it in the bus or leave it or whatever. I woke up and didn’t get the point at all…but I didn’t like the feeling either... Probably my guilty hamster conscious is getting to me...

And it was already 8 am. My cell died so no alarm clock for me… Maybe I should keep the curtains up so that I can at least wake up with the sun…

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Day 88 ~ Good day, bad day~

There are good days and there bad days... and there a mixture... just like today.

Let's try to make a balance for today:

Good night and good luck!

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Day 87 ~Decision time~

I went to bed earlier and got up late. So I have no idea what I need to do about myself to change my strange habits.

going 365

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Day 86 ~Shunbun no hi~

I woke up in time for the chat with Karen which I was so looking forward to, only to find out that I do not have inet.. Seriously??? No, I mean it, seriously??? I was mad and decided to go back to bed… bad idea… I woke up again at 9-10. Well, today there is no manager in the office so I think it is ok to come in later in the day XD…


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Day 85 ~I've got a feeling~ Alternative title ~Baka me~

In the morning I got to chat with my sister a bit… I feel so apologetic towards her… she is doing so much for me when I am not even able to help her with anything… but at least I can keep my promise! The thousand cranes will carry my best wishes for her…

As my hair was still wet and I was tired of tieing it in ponytail I made some easy but pretty hairdo. Nice hairdo always makes my mood much better)

dot dot dot

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Day 84 ~Crazy menu~

Saori sent me this picture which is so true about me and most of the people who “live” online…

It was hard to get up on time and we had a slow morning – showering, having breakfast and deciding where to go. In the end we went to kirin brewery. The tour was free of charge and at the end of it we got three glasses of beer and some snacks for free. No photos were allowed to be taken during the tour, but as I’ve been to Obolon in ua, I can say that brewery in ua is pretty much the same as one in jp)

I need to go ona diet!

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Day 83 ~Living the legend~

The morning was lazy”ish” on my behalf… I did not want ot get out of bed at all.. Too warm and nice. But “shoganai”. I showered and Sara has taken me to the station so that I can get to the soap bubble event that I promised bee to attend. Sara had to leave later in the day so I wanted us to go together and save her some extra trip , especially considering that it was raining, but she said that she needed some time to herself to get ready fro the day, so it made more sense for her to bring me to the station , go all the way back and then after her alone time go again to where she needed to go… She is just that kind of airy person)
Anyways I got to kitasenju after sometime.. it was raining, so I did not expect much from the event. But it turned out to be very nice!!! Very family like and nice.. truly bringing the community together) Lena didn’t come at all, and I guess was glad that I came… I was late for the concert but at least I showed up… I enjoyed seeing all the kids playing with the soap bubbles. And it made my mood much better.

various events

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Day 82 ~Meeting the legend~

It was a beautiful morning to ride a local train and enjoy the view , but I slept most of the time XD. Train from Tomioka to Takasaki is the most expensive in whole japan, or so Japanese tell me (770 JPY one way, which is about 35 minutes ride).

busy day)

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Day 81 ~Greyscale~~

Surprisingly I feel refreshed today and that’s mostly due to the morning skype date with GH!!! I was finally able to see her and of course Igor (one cute puppy boy) We chatted for almost an hour.. well.. it was more like me talking all the time XD this is strange usually I am the one who listens to what others have to say, but lately I am eager to find somebody to tell about some random stuff that happens to me)…

Anyways I do feel much better today!


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Neko no nikki