Day 120 ~lonely lunch~

I could not get up as early as I wanted to. I know why but still can not do anything about it XD I hope i can do better from now on, but somehow everytime I can not make it.
In the office it is quiet... like always , especially when half of the people is missing. I was wondering whether i should skip lunch, but then i thought that KY would be alone on that big table and i felt bad so i went , even though a bit late. and indeed he was all alone... C2 went to Yh, so only two of us were left. talked a bit about weekend and what to do in kyushu. Then we went for the usual walk. Actually right now I do not know whether it is good or bad that it's just the two of us going...
I mentioned that girls were supposed to come back today. and he asked me whetehr i am missing some "girls talk". my reply - "not really" meant in fact smth like "no way!" XD
and indeed , girls came after lunch, but they did not come up to great me.. just to jap manager.
then they went for the production training. and in the eve IM came back to office to check emails and stuff.

seems like I can only manage to update diary once a week -sorry about that...
and I am lazy to correct all the spelling mistakes and change i to I and stuff like that... cause to me it doesn't really matter as long as I have smth to remember about that time...

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Day 119 ~Sally~

I was finally able to meet Sally) We agreed to meet at Ebisu near the monument of MatsuJun. it's not really his monument , but those who;ve watched HanaYoriDango know pretty well - that is his monument XD
Sally was running a bit late and it started to rain so I pretty much experienced the moment from the drama XD if it were not for the drama moment it would've been bad .

so random

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Day 118 ~Shopping hell~

I slept on the bus to Tokyo . Actually I am proud of myself. The first time I booked bus for myself it took me smth like 15 minutes to do so and there were some pauses and weird moments. But this time it took me less than 3 minutes to book the bus))) nyappy~
As i had no idea what to do I went to Harajuku for shopping. I was surprised that in some stores it is not allowed to try the cloth on. the staff told me that the size are the same for all S, M, L shirt etc.. but i need to see how it looks on me and not on the hanger XD I shopped in harajuku and then in Shibuya. yappari uniclo is cheaper than other stores... quality is ok and price too. i was dead tired by the time I got to meet CM at starbucks (but we actually went to Mac for some coffee)
I bought some shirts and new pajamas (i love pajamas more than shirts XD) i am still missing some shoes, but i had to strength to go and try it on...
With CM I always feel comfortable... She told me her recent advantures and about KAT-TUN concert and we went back to the dorm.
While I was checking inet and reading Bridget Jone's diary (unfortunately i forgot the book at the dorm , but wanted to borrow it to read, cause it is fun, and i loved the movie a lot!) CM went down to have some dinner, but instead of 20 minutes she was gone for smth like an hour. It turned out that there was a small party in the common area and she had some drinks. I was too tired to watch a movie and we just went to bed...

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Day 117 ~Dinner plans~

I was able more or less to solve all the topics at work. My boss calmed down. In the eve he even showed me where he was going for vacation (he is taking one more week, additional to the golden week) We are going to the same place - kyushu, so i also wonder if by some wicked chance we can bump into each other. My boss also told me that if i get in trouble i can call him and he will try to help me out, which means a lot givenhis character!

During the lunch it was just C2, KY and me around the table. NY has left for Germany, SJ left for Sby and then Germany and girls were still in training. We talked about various stuff and also agreed to go out for dinner. I thought that this time I should be even nicer and sent an email-invitation to IM (and asked to tell BM as well) right away. I also met Naveen and invited him as well. However Im never replied and Naveen declined.

However eve turned out to be a bit hectic... C2 lost his apartment key, so he had to go back to look for it.. never found and had to wait for somebody from the company to come and change the locks. So KY and I went to get some burers and dougnuts ofr the three of us and we ende up having this kind of dinner in my room (which i had to tidy up in a rush and of course i had no time to clean up my bathroom and I feel bad about it...)

We chatted till 11 pm. KY was careless enough to make fun of me and the worst part is that I can be quite resentful and petty... and taking into account that he will be stuck with me in the car for the entire week , i guess he made a mistake! I can be really evil at times... They left and i went to bed cause i had to go to Tokyo the very next morning...

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Day 116 ~Quiet~

Boss was out of office once again and I had to finish various stuff. In the eve I went to Jap class and C2 skipped it. on my way back I talked to Naveen. well, he talked and I listened. he is too talkative and too quiet in the same timeXD He is convinced that all Germans are great people. and actually guys are wondering whether he is gay XD I do not think he is gay but can imagine him being one XD (does it make sense?)
Also I got to know that my weekend plans had to be changed again, which I was not really thrilled about, but shoganai...

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Day 115 ~Big mess:Part 2~

When I came to work I told C2 about last night and the report. he said that I was stupid but I am an intern so I should not be held responsible for it... I was scared... I do not fear to be yelled at or stuff like that.. I fear the most to dissappoint people... and that's what I did.. my boss was really upset with me, and angry at jap manager...
once again I had to stay longer afterwards to settle all the problems with the report.
In the eve C2 and I went for dinner to the same place that KY took me once - pizza place. but on that day pizza tabehoudai was not working so we just ordered some pasta.

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Day 114 ~Big mess:Part 1~

My mood was not good. I just started to do better at work when this huge blow came towards me. but a bit later on about it... let's go personal first.

bad day

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Day 113~No way~

The day was starting out as usual))))
Hard to get up and coming in late for work)
I did feel refreshed after such a nice relaxing weekend but on the other hand it was hard for me to start working. Therefore I took my time in answering CM's email and correcting one simple presentation before starting with difficult tasks. I had to stay later in the day to finish some tasks)
I confirmed my internship dates with the bosses so now need to speed up the process.
Lunch was quiet and simple. I hope my conduct was considered normal)

oh oh.. hot news.. how much guys weight - and they do gossip quite a lot as well XD
SJ -58, NY- 64, KY - 66, C2 -86... I should just go and kill myself XD

Anyways my sis is at work so I can not chat with her((((
so I am just gonna go to bed early tonight)


I love this cat))) reminds me of certain someone) <3

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Day 112 ~Happy Easter Hanami~

The weather was much better today than yesterday (when it was raing the entire day), So i was happy to get out and walk to the Japanese class.

I got a nice lady for a teacher and I learnt/reviewed/chatted a lot! After the class I decided to go for a walk around the town and take some sakura pictures till it was still blooimng)

I can not describe the feeling of walking under sakura trees when petals all on your head... It is awesome!!!


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Day 111 ~Gray day XD~

Such a good feeling to sleep in!!!
I basically spend the entire day in bed) I really needed some sleep)))

In the eve KY and I finally went to watch Liar Game... We stoped to eat some curry, but ended up ordering course set for two, which was really tasty especially KY's drink "mango rush" ( i ordered just ornage juiceT_T) and dessert)
Then in the mall I went to but some present for a friend and we went to watch the Liar game...
I expected more... It is so typical Japanese and I guess I am not used to watch this drama format movies in cinema XD
The plot, storyline was predictable( matsuda was great , but girl sucked.
As for language I understood about 70% ... Of course KY translated the punch line for me after we got out, but i guess he also was a bit dissappointed with movie. I actually would love to go next time to watch Uchyu Kyodai with Oguri Shun <3
but not sure if it's gonna happen any time soon
and there is also Bokura ga ita with Ikuta Toma <3, but I would never dare to take a guy with me to watch this kind of chickflick XD no~no...
that is a typical movie for a pajama night with ice cream)))

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Day 110 ~Good friday~

It was Good friday and Friday 13th)
I did not go to Tokyo for interns nomikai, cause it felt wrong to go out drinking and partying all night on Good Friday.
However I did asked whether guys would like to go out for dinner. At first all agreed (we started planing it at the begining of the week), but on Friday first NY said that he is busy preparing for his Germany trip, then SJ said that he is going back to Tokyo and then C2 said that he wanted to go with SJ to save up on the ride... So I decided whether KY would also drop out (especially given that he wanted to go to havea haircut), but even with some sarcasm he decided to keep me company.
Then SJ and C2 changed their minds again and the four of us went out for dinner to the italian restaurant and later to "mister donut" for dessert XD I guess I forgot to mention that C2 is Mister donut type of guy XD
Because we were paying all together somehow i ended owing KY some money so I said that I will treat him to some donuts later on.
I really enjoy hanging out with guys) they are funa nd we can talk about various stuff. I guess I was just too tired of IM's stories and needed some other company)

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Day 109 ~Speach~

I am doing better at work)))
handling assignments and stuff)

In the eve C2 and I went to Japanese class. I was asked to deliver a speach in May... and I am not sure that I catually wanna do it... to speak in public was never my strong point...

but afterwards we took some great pictures)
night sakura

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Day 108 ~Blank~


no idea what to write about)
nothing special))))

just a busy day at work...

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Day 107 ~ Back to tea class~

I decided to give up trying to be a good girl at work, so I left 6pm sharp to go to tea class))) whch I enjoyed a lot!

tricky temae)

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Day 106 ~S*ty working day~

Just a short remark)))

I really 'love' it, when I need to prepare a presentation from scratch in two hours with many analysis with no data base and no access to data bases and systems and with no person who has access to data base and system XD

so I had to work till late... an dstill most of the time I was just waiting for people to provide me info...

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Day 105 ~Hangover in <s>Las Vegas</s> Tomioka~

I am not sure that other were feeling all that well, but in the morning I decided to go to Japanese class, even though Chris asked me not to go and have a breakfast togetehr instead. I was the only student in the class XD and I enjoyed it pretty much. On my way I bought lots of water to drink and ichigo sandwiches for C1&C2.

baka neko jikan)

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Day 104 ~Sakuragasaitenai hanamikai~

i got up in the morning right before chris texted me saying that he wants to come over for breakfast so i had to ask for 15 minutes to shower and to get dressed. Chris made breakfast for me, but as i had to butter or oil or salt ot pepper he was suffering a lot XD.
I borrowed some oil and salt from IM and later she joined us for breakfast. it was very hommy and warm feeling. i think i am being too full of myself and i just miss my sis too much (even though i am trying not to admit that i do) therefore i try to get the brotherly love from Chris as much as possible. Chris and SY are like older brothers to me now. at least I would love to believe that...
anyways later on we headed to the bosch for the hanamikai.

busy day

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Day 103 ~Poor poor <s> pussy</s>cat~

the entire day I spend busy with the presentation. the moment I thought it was ready, it turned out that another topic was still opne or yet again to be discussed. friday is usually an early day... but I stayed till 6-30 pm... which is really late considering that most of the people left at 5pm.

also Chris (shoot I promised to call him C1)))) was coming to town in the eve, therefore I had to buy some food and clean up my room. We exchanged several emails in the eve and I went to sleep.
I was looking forward to hanamikai on the next day)

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Day 102 ~Big mess~

I used to tell myself pretty often that I should not trust IM's judgements, but somehow I decided to trust it that one time. result - my boss was pissed... really badly pissed.. at me or at her or at the situation... and I hate it because I became unsecure. I hate to go in blindly in smth that I have no clear view of. I hate it when I am not able to answer somebody's questions. I was kind of stressed out. by the end of the eve I was able to correct most of the mistakes, but still many open items remained... I think it is good that trainee was there so that I could go to class with C2 instead of staying extra late at work, even though I was not really able to concetrate on studying that much, but at least I bitched a bit on my way to class)

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Day 101 ~My bad~

Getting up at 5 am was hard for me. And the sad part is that I had no other choice but to get up and get ready... check out at 6 and therefore no breakfast((( I got to ikebukuro a bit earlier than i had to and once I got on the bus I fell asleep. I guess I really needed those two hours of sleep. I got back to Tm, had some quick shower changed and rushed to the office.
there everything was as usual, and I spend the day lazily doing nothing in particular (my mistake)

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Neko no nikki