I enjoy living a life of a cat!


Day 350 ~2 weeks to go~

I have so many various feelings about going home in just two weeks!

PS picture is takesn somewherre form inet

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Day 347-349 ~random~


I officially hate packing!
I hate packing!
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Day 340 -346


Day 331-339 ~The last month~


Day 311-330 ~Autumn is here~



Day 296-302 ~ 9 weeks to go~


Day 291-295~


Day 281-290 ~first 1/3 of October~


Day 257-280 ~September~


Day 213 -256 ~Long way...~ Part I

I have been gone from quite a while, but I have kept my record.... IN order not to sound too pitiful or whatever I will skip most of the stuff and will only tell some funny stories (or my thought that I feel will not cause people call 911 for me))) from this 2+month period.

As of today I will end it here for right now, afterall I were supposed to be home on Sep 5th latest.. and now I staying till end December...
Tomorrow I will update the rest (at least i am planning on doing so)

Day 256 ~Alternative~

Day 255 ~Real nightmares~

Day 254 ~ha?~

Day 253 ~111 to go~

Day 252 ~Keep your word~

Day 251 ~Nghtmare~

beginning ofSEPTEMBER

Day 250 ~last day of last days~

Day 244- 249 ~One liners~

Day 243 ~Independence day!~

Day 242 ~2/3~

Day 240-241~hot shots~

Day 239 ~Overslept O_o~

Day 229-238 ~ Obon~

Day 226-228 ~~~

Day 225 ~Atlantis II~

Day 223-224 ~quiet weekend~

Day 222 ~ticket ot the moonua~

Day 221 ~omo~

Day 217 - 219 ~???~

Day 216 ~Circus~

Day215 ~unagi day~

Day 214 ~just forget~

Day 213 ~breakdown~

rest of JULY

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Day 212 ~Farewell~

This will be my last entry for quite some time here till I figure out what I am to do with myself.

short remark
All the best to you all!


Day 211 ~Quiet office day~

No bosses around – only regional president) so today it is going to be quiet day and I hope to leave early)…

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Day 208-210 ~Quiet weekend~

I guess for quite some time I am going to have these quiet weekends in Tomioka)

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Day 207 ~Annoying~

Rebooking my ticket is much harder than I expected it to be. I guess people at the travel agency hate their work really badly so they do not want to move even a bit…

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Day 206 ~Random~

I have troubles rebooking my flight, but does it really matter when some people have it much worse…

А слова барменші Наталії Коваль про те, що Оксана пішла в ту фатальну ніч з бару з Краснощоком, а до того - погодилася на інтим відразу з декількома чоловіками, спростував її власний чоловік, який також працює офіціантом «Рибці». «Думаю, вона просто образилася на Оксану - вона їй не виставила сухарики, а Макар, йдучи з бару, показала їй фак», - вважає Катеринчук.

I do not really follow what is going on in Ukraine, but when I first heard news about this case I was shocked like the rest of Ukraine.
Last time when I read witness report of Koval I was wondering how much of the actual truth she was saying.
I know that some girls are quite easy-going, or even just easy. I can believe that girl can even have sex with several guys pretty much at the same time willingly. I can even imagine that a girl can try to blackmail guys for fake rape. BUT! It does not give the right to suffocate this girl, bring her to dumpster and set her on fire!
That time when Koval’s statement was describing the deceased as pretty much a whore and in the same time the offenders as white and fluffy. I thought smth was way off. Could she being threatened? Or bribed? But being mad at the poor girl? Seriously??? Are you even sane??? Woman, if those guys get out they might hurt somebody again and be sure that they can get away with anything... there is no way you settle your issue with the girl by testifying in murderers’ favor. I just do not see how!!!

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Day 205 ~TOEIC~

I have received my TOEIC score. I was surprised to see that I got the perfect score! 990 out of 990. I was aiming for 950 (and secretly hoping for 970-980), but I got perfect golden score!
Of course I have made mistakes, but as scoring is based on total percentage (I guess it is - no clue about actual scoring process) I was able to reach the top!
I know that TOEIC is actually a lame English test that nobody outside Japan cares about, but it still feels good)))

In the eve we went to C2's farewell party.As usual drinking and eating. I think only me and my German boss wanted to go out for he second party XD so we had to go back home -_- Japanese in countryside are just no fun as drinking buddies.

I need to find some courage to apologize...

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Day 204 ~Umi no hi~

All normal Japanese people have a day off, but not us T_T
On the other hand if it was a holiday I would have spend it in bed (smth like 85% of probability)

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Day 202-203 ~quite weekend~

It was another quiet, very quiet weekend for me… reading materials for my thesis, sleeping, watching movies. From the highlights- I watched Sherlock BBC version of 6 episodes and Northanger Abbey. Oh my dear Jane Austen! I looove her works… movies are not usually that good as the most interesting for me is too actually read and enjoy her classy English, cause unfortunately all her love stories have a happy-ending, which is good but hardly believable)

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Neko no nikki